Students will learn from a range of faculty who are experts in their content area, including Biology, English, Fine Arts, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Social Work, and who are dedicated to upholding the mission of the university through service to others and fostering intellectual curiosity. Students receive individualized attention and mentoring from the faculty who also serve as academic advisors.

Amanda Caleb, Ph.D.
Joseph Cipriani, Ed.D.
Thomas Hajkowski, Ph.D.
Susan McDonald, Ph.D.
Mark Painter, Ph.D.
Anthony Serino, Ph.D.
Ryan Weber, Ph.D.




Amanda Caleb, Ph.D.

Amanda Caleb, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English
Program Director, Medical and Health Humanities
E-mail: acaleb@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-8113
Office: Mercy Hall 308

Amanda Caleb received her PhD in English and MA in Nineteenth-Century Studies from the University of Sheffield and her BA in English and Gender Studies from Davidson College. She specializes in nineteenth-century British literature, particularly the novel and short story, and the intersection of literature, medicine, and science. Dr. Caleb teaches classes in British Romanticism, Victorian literature, medicine and literature, science and literature, and fairy tales. Dr. Caleb has published several articles on science and literature, specifically on the works of H.G. Wells, Arthur Machen, and Robert Louis Stevenson. She is the editor of (Re)creating Science in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007) and Teleny (Valancourt, 2010), an anonymous novel associated with Oscar Wilde. She is currently working on a monograph studying the intersection of science, medicine, and decadence in British fictions of the late nineteenth century. Dr. Caleb received Misericordia's Pauly and Sidney Friedman Excellence in Service Award in 2015.

Dr. Caleb teaches MHH 201: Introduction to Medical and Health Humanities, ENG 305: Literature and Medicine, and MHH 401: Senior Seminar.

For Dr. Caleb's complete CV, click here.



Joseph Cipriani, Ed.D., OTR/L

Joseph Cipriani, Ed.D., OTR/L, Professor

Professor of Occupational Therapy
Phone: (570) 674-6412
email: jciprian@misericordia.edu

Dr. Cipriani earned his B.A. degree from Wilkes College, a B.S. degree from Misericordia University, M.A. degree from Wichita State University, and his Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Cipriani is a full professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy. He teaches courses in Applied Functional Anatomy, Research Methods, Geriatric Intervention, a doctoral course in advanced research methods, and supervises student research projects. Professor Cipriani has presented 13 papers at national or international conferences in occupational therapy, often in conjunction with student research groups. He has presented in venues as diverse as the American Occupational Therapy Association National Conferences; World Federation of Occupational Therapists Congress (Montreal, Canada; Stockholm, Sweden), the World Congress of Rehabilitation International (Oslo, Norway), and the International Federation of Aging World Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

He has also co-authored 11 articles in professional journals, and written two book chapters. Dr. Cipriani has published in well known journals such as Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics; The Australian Journal of Occupational Therapy; The World Federation of Occupational Therapists Bulletin; Arthritis Care and Research; and the British Journal of Occupational Therapy. Most of his published research has been in the practice area of geriatrics and has been co-authored by students within the occupational therapy program. He has recently been appointed to the Editorial Review Board for the journal Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics. Dr. Cipriani was honored with the 1995 Misericordia University Teaching Excellence Award and in 2007, the Lewis & Barbara Alesi Excellence in Scholarship Award. He is one of only 4 professors in the history of Misericordia University to win more than one of the three highest faculty awards. He had maintained his clinical practice as a per diem therapist a regional medical center in acute care (including intensive care unit, cardiac services unit, and trauma care), rehabilitation, and outpatient services for over 20 years. Dr. Cipriani has also had the privilege of being a chaperone on multiple student service trips through Campus Ministry at Misericordia, including western Jamaica, and City Mission homeless shelter in Schenectady, New York.

Dr. Cipriani teaches MHH 385: Special Topics in Medical and Health Humanities.



Thomas Hajkowski, Ph.D.Thomas Hajkowski, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Associate Professor of History
E-mail: thajkows@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570 674-8083
Office: Mercy Hall 303

B.A., Seton Hall University
M.A., Villanova University
Ph.D., Northwestern University

Thomas Hajkowski is an historian of twentieth-century Britain. He received a PhD from Northwestern University, an MA from Villanova University, and a BA from Seton Hall University. Dr. Hajkowski has a broad range of teaching and research interests, including the history of mass media, the history of medicine, nationalism, and British imperialism.

Dr. Hajkowski has taught over a dozen different courses, including classes on the History of Human Rights, The Holocaust, Nazism, and British history. He prioritizes active learning and student engagement with primary source materials. In addition to knowing what happened, Dr. Hajkowski tries to instill in his students an understanding of what historians do and why history matters.

His book, The BBC and National Identity in Britain (Manchester University Press) argues that before the loss of its monopoly in 1954, the British Broadcasting Corporation provided the central arena in British society where regional cultures interacted with a normative English culture, helping to create the hybrid dual identities of contemporary Britain.

Dr. Hajkowski teaches HIS 165: History of Human Rights, HIS 342: History of Medicine and Health, and special topics courses, as needed.

For Dr. Hajkowski's complete CV, click here.



Susan McDonald, Ph.D. Dr. Susan McDonald, MSW, Ph.D., LCW

Assistant Professor and Chair of Social Work
Email: smcdonal@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6212

Dr. McDonald begins her appointment with Misericordia's Social Work Program in August 2013 as Director of Field Education. She has a BA degree in Criminal Justice from Wilkes University, an MSW from Marywood University and a Ph.D. from Fordham University. She comes to us with extensive background in social work education and clinical work. She has served Alvernia, Temple, Marywood, Kutztown and DeSales University. Her work experience has been in the area of bereavement with children and hospice care. She also has a private practice where she sees children, individuals and families.

Dr. McDonald teaches MHH 301: Narrative Medicine.

For Dr. McDonald's complete CV, click here.



Mark Painter, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy
E-mail: mpainter@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6738
Office Location: Mercy Hall 374

Mark Painter was born in Huntsville, Texas in 1959 and grew up in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Dakota, and Alaska. He received his BA degree in Literature and Philosophy in 1981 at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, his MA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1988 from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, and his Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1993 from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. He specializes in ethics, meta-ethical theory and the history of moral philosophy. He has a particular interest in virtue-based ethical theory. Dr. Painter also works in ancient Greek philosophy, the philosophies of Kant and Hegel and phenomenology. He teaches classes in Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Medical Ethics, Logic, Environmental Philosophy, Existentialism, 19th Century Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy and Experimental Phenomenology. His work focuses on the need to integrate our conceptions of the mind and the body, indeed to abandon the distinction altogether in favor of an emphasis on experience itself. His most recent work examines various forms of human experience, including philosophy itself, as practices emerging from and illuminating different ways of being-in-the-world, each embodied by its own intersubjective and understandable language, each entailing its own teleology and virtues. This approach has the potential to allow us to more truthfully uncover and authentically live out our relationships to the world around us and to each other. It has particular relevance to how we understand and articulate what it means to be well.

Dr. Painter teaches PHL 301: Medical Ethics and PHL 315: Philosophy of Medicine.



Anthony Serino, Ph.D.Anthony Serino, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology

Associate Professor of Biology
E-mail: aserino@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6259

Dr. Serino received his BS in Biology and his MS in Biochemistry from the University of Scranton in 1984 and 1987, respectively. In 1991, he earned his Ph.D. in Physiology from The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Serino was a National Institutes of Aging Fellow where he received extensive training in the physiology of aging.

Dr. Serino is the Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) Program at MU, and maintains affiliation agreements with several Clinical Laboratory Science centers throughout Pennsylvania and serves as the Pre-medicine Director for the University. In addition, Dr. Serino received a Strategic Initiative Grant in 2002 to found and direct the Science Education Enhancement Program (SEEP). This active outreach program provides elementary and secondary teachers with demonstrations and hands-on activities at their schools or as field trips to MU laboratories to encourage and promote active learning of basic science. The SEEP program interacts with more than 1000 young students a year at more than 10 school districts in NE Pennsylvania.

Dr. Serino's teaching responsibilities include anatomy and physiology, general physiology, comparative anatomy, histology, gross anatomy and general biology. In addition, he has been elected more than ten times to the Who's Who of American College Professors. He received the Judge Max and Tillie Rosenn Endowed Excellence in Teaching Award at Misericordia University in 2005.

Dr. Serino’s research projects always include undergraduate students at MU and are diverse. Some of the most recent projects include studies on mouse population changes induced by forest fragmentation effects associated with Marcellus Shale mining activities. He has also had students run correlation studies on cadaver atherosclerotic plaques incidence and severity associated with fat pad thickness.

Dr. Serino teaches BIO 211: Anatomy and Physiology I and BIO 212: Anatomy and Physiology II.



Ryan Weber, Ph.D.Ryan Weber

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Email: rweber@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6182
Office: Mercy Hall 318

Ryan Weber, Ph.D. is a musicologist specializing in 19th and 20th-century Europe and America. He earned the Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Connecticut and a MA and BA from Queens College, The City University of New York. His wide-ranging research interests include music and disability, the sociology of music, music and literature, Scandinavian studies, and late 19th-century cosmopolitanism. Dr. Weber has presented research at institutions throughout the United States, including UC-Santa Barbara, Yale, Harvard, and Columbia University; and Europe, including the University der Kunst (Berlin), Oxford University, Stockholm University, Edinburgh University, University of the Arts (Helsinki, Finland), Institute of Musical Research (London), The Royal Conservatory of the Hague (Netherlands), and the European University Institute (Florence). He has published articles in journals in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Dr. Weber teaches FA 213: Themes in Medical Humanities and MHH 201: Introduction to Medical and Health Humanities.

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