Master of Science in

Organizational Management (OM)

Department Chair: Corina N. Slaff, PhD


Misericordia University's Master of Science degree in Organizational Management (OM) educates individuals for successful careers as managers in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in both private and public spheres. The program reflects a management perspective which assumes that the professional manager is able to analyze problems, synthesize solutions, communicate decisions and understand the organizational impact of those decisions.

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The program prepares students for responsible organizational leadership. Faculty encourage students to think deeply and broadly from a systems view point about the roles, functions and tasks of a manager and to develop and use a variety of management skills and prescriptions in organizational environments. The program stresses not only management theory, but the application of that theory in various managerial situations.


  • Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sport Management


The program consists of thirty-six (36) credit hours of study which can be completed on a part-time basis. Students must complete a core curriculum of twenty-four (24) credits and a specialization area of twelve (12) credits.

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  • Low tuition, only $780 per credit - Alumni discount available
  • Designed specifically for adult learners and busy professionals – high level of customer service
  • Classes offered in the evening and online
  • Financial aid and Tuition Deferment plan available
  • Small class sizes
  • Complete the OM program in as little as 2 1/2 years or less, part time
  • Start classes in Fall, Spring, or Summer
  • Easy application process - NO letters of recommendation or GRE/GMAT required!


For more information on the OM program, please contact:

Karen Cefalo

Karen Cefalo, Assistant Director of Admissions, at 570-674-8094, toll free at 1-866-262-6363; or by e-mail

Dr. Corina Slaff

Corina N. Slaff, Ph.D., Director of Business Graduate Programs, at 570-674-8022 or by e-mail at

MSOM Core Curriculum

Core Courses (24 Credits)

OM 500

Organizational Behavior

OM 509

Financial Management

OM 515

Research Methods

OM 530

Legal Aspects of Administration

OM 538

Perspectives in Management

OM 545

Introduction to Human Resources

OM 551

Organizational Communication

OM 586

Strategic Planning and Management of Change

Specializations and Curriculum

Healthcare Management (12 Credits)

The Healthcare Management specialization prepares students for a management career in the fast-paced and dynamic healthcare sector. The student will develop effective leadership skills specific to this changing environment. Students will receive a broad-based background in finance and legal issues pertaining to the healthcare field, and gain an understanding of principles critical for organizational success.

Required courses

OM 602Global Health
OM 547Healthcare Finance
OM 548Healthcare Law
OM 549Healthcare Leadership and Management

Human Resource Management (12 Credits)

The Human Resource Management specialization prepares students to develop skills and knowledge necessary to become effective leaders in the management of human resources in a variety of organizational settings including corporations, health and health-related facilities, local, regional and state governments and other complex organizations. Graduates develop professional competencies and skills to deal with issues such as selection and compensation, as well as employee motivation and development.

Required courses

OM 552

Regulation of Human Resource Management

OM xxx


Choose any two

OM 527

Selection, Recruitment, and Training and Development

OM 557

Performance, Compensation, and Reward Systems

OM 558

Employee Relations and Services

Management (12 Credits)

The Management specialization provides students with the ability to understand the characteristics of leadership and to develop and use a variety of management skills and prescriptions in organizational environments. Graduates are prepared to assume managerial roles in for-profit, private or publicly-traded corporations, companies and businesses.

Required courses

OM 535


OM xxx


Choose any two

OM 520Introduction to Management Information Systems
OM 533Managing Customer Satisfaction
OM 536Marketing Management

Sport Management (12 Credits)

Required courses

OM 531Public Relations, Communications, and the Media in Sport
OM 536Marketing Management
OM 640Advanced Sport Marketing: Applied Research and Strategic Plans
OM 641The Business of Sport


Misericordia University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.

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