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ALL LogoAutism for Lifelong Learning (ALL) is designed to provide pre-vocational, vocational, and community living services to adults with autism. As a new part of Misericordia University’s Autism Center, ALL’s primary goal is to enable the adults involved in the program to ultimately obtain competitive or supported employment to the fullest extent of their respective abilities. In addition to being prepared to secure employment, the adults will also be exposed to various non-profit groups and interact with the broader Wyoming Valley community.


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Who We Are

ALL is part of Misericordia University’s Autism Center. ALL is designed to provide pre-vocational, vocational and community living services to adults with autism. In addition to master’s degree trained personnel, the ALL Program includes an Advisory Board comprised of a cross section of people with expertise in autism, parents of individuals with autism, members from colleges and universities involved in special needs, as well as those who can be helpful in advancing the program in general.

ALL's Mission

The mission of Autism for Lifelong Learning (ALL) is to educate and train adults with autism to integrate and function independently in and with the community, by acquiring life and employment skills leading to supported or competitive employment in order to live their full potential as individuals with dignity and fulfillment.

Statement of Need

The creation of the program is the result of the unavailability of services specifically designed to meet the needs of adults who fall within the Autism Spectrum of Disorders.
Indeed, until the ALL Program was established there have been no comparable services available to adults with autism in our region.

ALL Program Goals

  • To integrate the adults that participate in the ALL program into the Wyoming Valley community at large
  • To develop skills that enable program participants to engage in meaningful community-based volunteer activities and supportive/competitive employment
  • Within six months of an adult becoming part of the program to have 90% of program participants spend at least 50% of their time in activities that are community and/or employment based

The Autism Center

 The Autism Center at Misericordia University acts as a resource for clinicians, practitioners and caregivers.  The Center and its web page,, provide a guide to clinical services at Misericordia University, camps, community resources, current best practices and helpful information

Contact Us

MU ALL PROGRAM College of Health Sciences Room 207 301 Lake Street, Dallas PA 18612

For information regarding the ALL Program or to provide  financial support, please call Joan Kleinman (570) 674-8200

Autism Center for Austin for Lifelong Learning building

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