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Each month, the MU Alumni Relations team will add a brief Postcard Profile of an interesting graduate of Misericordia University. The team will be speaking with alumni from all generations to share the latest news about Misericordia and hear what's going on in the lives of our alumni. For more information, email at

October 2019


On the first weekend of October, Misericordia University celebrated another Homecoming Weekend. For the first time in many years, Homecoming Weekend was celebrated for three days, October 4th, 5th, and 6th. 

With reunions being celebrated, tailgating food being served, and children enjoying all the family-friendly activities, there was no doubt HOCO19 was a great weekend for all.

For some, it is a yearly tradition to come back like 2016 alumnus, Zack Sabaday.

"I love the atmosphere at Misericordia. Every time I come back, it's just a reunion of good friends, and good memories, and just all the good times that Misericordia has brought all of us, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am not going to miss Homecoming for the life of me!"

And for others, it was their first time celebrating HOCO as an alumni like 2019 alumnus, Wesley Hill

"It feels just amazing to be surrounded by all my peers and all my friends. I just love it; I wish I could be in here every day!" 

While events like the Athletics Hall of Fame, Kegs and Eggs, and Mimosas and a Masterpiece were scheduled throughout the weekend, the highlight of HOCO weekend is the tailgating.

Amberlynn Habich, 2018/2019 alumna, could not wait to spend time with her friends. 

"My favorite part about Homecoming is seeing friends that you know you haven't seen in a really long time and getting to spend time together." 

For others, it was a true Homecoming like 2016 Alumnus, P.J Steiner, who has not been back to Misericordia in a long time. 

"I haven't been here for the past four years, so I definitely want to be able to see my friends and family here and just kind of reconnect with them and have a good time."

Taylor Webb, class of 2019/2020 alumna, was excited to be back on campus, but brought feelings of wishing she was back. 

"It's so fun being back and seeing my friends, but I also miss being here. I am really excited to have one more semester here in the spring."

But what we wanted to find out this year at Homecoming is how much Misericordia has made an impact on some of our tailgaters this year. While making our way through the parking lot aisles and snagging some food along the way, we went around asking the simple question we ask in every podcast, "How has Misericordia helped you get to where you are today."

For Wesley Hill, both the education and relationships he has made have certainly helped him transition to adult life. 

"To future my learning knowledge and my career development, and I think it really helped me to where I'm at right now. I think that my friends and my family here at Misericordia has really shaped me to the person that I am."

For Amberlynn Habich, nothing compares to an SLP degree at Misericordia. 

"I mean, the speech program I think is like kind of unrivaled. I have had multiple compliments on my clinical skills and speech in general, and I think bringing that back to Misericordia is a really cool experience and, you know, just keep improving the name of Misericordia."

PJ Steiner brings connections to what he did at Misericordia and has applied them to where he works today. 

"It's done so much. I mean, the amount of ability to be able to be with the organizations that I have, like being able to be a part of the Ultimate Frisbee team helped me get involved with Millersville University, so now I'm able to work with the Ultimate Frisbee team. They're able to get involved with their campus as well and kind of say, 'You know, this is what Misericordia did.' Then also, you know, just being able to be a part of the Misericordia soccer team helped me be able to be a coach for Elizabethtown College Soccer which is what I'm doing now as well. So I mean, Misericordia has helped me out so much and being able to have the connections there as well has just done so much for me overall."

Zack Sabaday has had his journey trying to achieve his dreams at Misericordia and has done so with tremendous support.

"I came here for biology thinking I wanted to go into the medical field, and everybody here reinforced that. The (faculty and staff) were supportive. I had the greatest professors that I could have ever asked for. They were like another set of parents basically, and they guided me in the right direction. (Misericordia) provided me with a great education to get where I am today, and now I'm back at Misericordia in the physician assistant program. So working towards the goal of getting in the medical field and achieving my dreams."

In total over 500 alumni made their way back to Dallas, PA to celebrate the fond memories and friends they have made at Misericordia. We hope you can join us for Homecoming 2020: Friday, October 2nd to Sunday, October 4th.


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September 2019

You can take an alumnus out of Dallas, but you can't take Dallas out of an alumnus. Adam Grzech '13, '17 took keeping Misericordia "close" to his heart very literally. He and his wife, Erin Kain Grzech '14, have moved from Dallas, Pennsylvania to Dallas, Georgia to Dallas, Texas. The couple built such a strong community at Misericordia in Dallas, PA that they found a way to never leave.

Adam currently serves as the Director of Operations for Keystone Automotive in Texas. He also serves as the President of the Misericordia University Alumni Association Board of Directors. Adam is very excited to bring his direction to the board, and he invites other alumni to get back on campus and reconnect with Misericordia.

Adam and Erin have relocated several times over the last few years, but Adam believes that every move, challenge, and adversity has made them stronger and pushed them to continue to do better. Adam loves that they have had the opportunity to share the culture of Misericordia around the country. Not every city can be Dallas, PA, but Adam believes that there is no reason that you can't bring Misericordia and the four charisms wherever you go. Misericordia Alumni are everywhere. Home is where the arch is, and according to Adam, when you find other alumni in your area, it can be such a great feeling to get together and create that feeling of "home" once again.

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August 2019

“It’s within every person to live the life that they want to live and to help create change.” 2009 communications alumna Rae Decker Baldino is currently the Director of Communications and Development at United Cerebral Palsy of Northeastern Pennsylvania where she is creating change through serving those who do not have a voice, as well as those who need help finding their voice.

It is clear that the charism of service had quite an impact on Rae during her time at Misericordia. Rae feels that she was able to begin working with non-profits because Misericordia’s communications program gave her a taste of everything in the field. She felt that no matter what situation could arise, she had the skills to adapt and learn on the fly thanks to the amazing program and faculty at Misericordia.

One thing that Rae learned at Misericordia that she would love to share with others is: “…so what if you fail or you make a mistake…some of those [challenges] were the best learning experiences of my life.” She continues to say that you always need to get back up and keep trying, because taking those steps to try again defines who you are, your work ethic, and your ability.

Rae has had quite a life journey since she graduated from Misericordia 10 years ago, yet the charisms and lessons that she learned while at Misericordia have remained close to her heart. “To be able to…give back the gifts that I have been given, and to help other people be that change that they want to see and do good and put good in the world…you can’t put a price tag on that.”

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July 2019

“To become the best version of yourself, you have to stay open to every opportunity that’s here, and don’t say: I don’t have time. You’ll never have time. Make a little time- stretch;” the wise words of 1969 alumna Dr. Agnes Toloczko Cardoni to current Misericordia students.

Misericordia might have been a little different 50 years ago when Agnes attended this institution, but the experiences that students walk away with when they become alumni still remain the same. Celebrating her 50th reunion this year, Agnes exclaims that you are at Misericordia to not only learn, but to become yourself.

Agnes learned long ago that she is an introvert at heart; however, being back on campus for Alumni Weekend to celebrate her 50th reunion with her classmates, Agnes quickly transformed into an extrovert as she had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and share fond memories. Agnes shared some exciting news that recently, she retired from 50 years of teaching (although she could never truly retire as she continues to teach online).

According to Agnes, when you compare the few majors that were offered to women back in 1969 to what is offered today- “it’s breathtaking.” Her final advice to alumni? Come back often; come back in awe; stay in touch with other alumni, and never forget Misericordia.


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June 2019

A friendship for a lifetime. June marks National Best Friends Day, and 2017 Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) alumnae Maria Cantoran and Abbey McCann exemplify the true meaning of friendship. They are proof of the amazing bonds that can continue beyond the arch.

Maria was a transfer student when she met Abbey in class, but the two just clicked; so much so that Maria and Abbey now work together at New Story, a special needs school in Wyoming, and Helping Hands, an outpatient clinic in Kingston.

What is their secret for a great friendship and solid careers? They both agree how important it is to have someone by your side through the difficult times- both in your profession and outside of it. They believe that they have personalities that balance each other out. When one is going through something, the other is there for support.

Misericordia gave Maria and Abbey the knowledge to be successful in their careers and an amazing friendship. They felt prepared and confident to walk through the arch and begin their work as an SLP thanks to the classes, clinics, and hands-on experience that their program provided. Abbey boasts that Misericordia allows you to do anything that you set your mind to and gives you the tools to do just that. Misericordia is more than a school; it is a home where classmates become friends and friends become family.

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May 2019

They say that a dream is a wish your heart makes. It is not every day that you hear about a health care management major dreaming of working at Disney World. In fact, 2019 alumna Stephanie Schultz had not even thought about working at Disney World when she began her journey at Misericordia, yet this recent graduate will be moving to Florida at the end of July.

Misericordia is more than the major you study. It is also about the experiences you have on campus that make an impact on your life. Steph believes that her work with campus ministry on the spring break trips truly opened her eyes and changed her path for the better. It made working for a company that makes dreams come true every day seem like the next step. Steph also admits that she never could have made it through the interview process without her influential Misericordia professors such as Professor Caruso.

Steph will begin her internship through the Disney College Program in August. If you plan to take a trip to Disney World within those next six months, you will find Steph in quick serve food and beverage (but you will have to stay in touch to find out exactly where she is assigned). The possibilities are endless for this recent spring 2019 grad. Steph’s journey truly goes to show the power of wishes, dreams, hard work, and dedication.

April 2019

Who doesn't love a good throwback? 2017 communications alumnus Matt Scanlon is currently working for Viacom where he and his team focus on Nickelodeon content. Matt has the opportunity to work on social media projects that throw it back to television moments that were a large part of his childhood. Most notably, Matt has been creating content for Nickelodeon's On This Day Facebook page.

It may seem surreal for someone to graduate from a relatively small university in Northeast Pennsylvania, and subsequently land a job with a large company like Nickelodeon, but Matt credits Misericordia and its great location for his success. Pursuing his communications degree in Dallas, PA allowed Matt the opportunity for countless local and valuable internships. For example, during his time at MU, Matt interned with WBRE, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.

Matt works as a part of the Viacom Digital Studios team. He believes that his love of collaboration and teamwork comes from his tight-knit group in the communications department at MU. Every day Matt has the opportunity to collaborate with his team- most of who grew up watching the same Nickelodeon shows. Matt welcomes the Misericordia community to check out their videos on Nickelodeon's Facebook and YouTube pages.

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March 2019

Annyeong Haseyo (hello) from South Korea! 2017 English alumna, Christine Zopf, has been living in South Korea and teaching English as a foreign language. She made her 23-hour journey back in August 2018, and since then, has been immersing herself in the culture, teaching, and traveling.
Christine had lived in Pennsylvania her entire life, and decided that she was ready for a new opportunity. She currently teaches English as a foreign language in an after-school program, while also teaching pre-school classes in the morning. Her pre-school classes are "field trip classes," so Christine has the opportunity to teach a different group of students every day. If living abroad and teaching English are not enough, Christine also started graduate school in January 2019.
In her spare time, Christine has already traveled to Hong Kong, China and Busan, South Korea. When Jared Pinter '16 visited Christine, the pair had the opportunity to visit the capital of South Korea, Seoul. Christine has been overwhelmed by the support from her Misericordia family. The support that she received as she entered through the arch her freshman year has not wavered since she touched down in South Korea as an alumna. It is clear that our charisms know no boundaries when our alumni travel far and wide to make their mark on the world.

February 2019

Kristen Andrews, Class of 2008, 2012, and 2015 alumna, spun her way to a fortune on one of America’s most well-known game shows, Wheel of Fortune, walking away with just under $22,000 in cash and prizes. The entire Misericordia community watched with pride as Kristen had the time of her life.
Most would attribute luck to Kristen’s unbelievable experience, but Kristen strongly believes that her connection to Misericordia and the Sisters of Mercy had an influence on her journey. Along with her cash prize, Kristen won a trip to Ireland. As a Mercy Associate herself, she was quick to note the connection of her trip to the founding land of the Sisters of Mercy.
Kristen currently works as a business and computers teacher at Commonwealth Charter Academy. The community may now see Kristen as a Los Angeles star, but she continues to beam with Misericordia Pride. Kristen proclaims that she is a cougar through and through. In her time at MU, she has connected with the charisms as well as the work and critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy. When speaking to others in the community about Misericordia, Kristen exclaims, “It’s a great place!” She feels that simple sentiment says it all.
Kristen’s experience on the Wheel of Fortune has made her realize that anything is possible. There were moments on her journey that were nerve-wracking and uncertain, but she learned to always be in the moment. Her last words of advice- if you have that one thing in the back of your mind that you would love to do, but do not believe it will ever happen, pursue that goal because there are those exciting surprises in life.

January 2019

2018 communications alumnus Sean Lynch has been "body-slamming" his way to the top as the Commercial Associate Director for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). You can find Sean on headset behind the scenes at SmackDown and Raw directing the camera operators. Managing roughly 12 cameras, Sean needs to ensure that his operators are where they need to be for certain aspects of each show. You think John Cena's entrance always looks incredible? Sean and his team have specifically set the camera angles to make that entrance what you see live on television.
Sean feels that his position at WWE was made possible immensely due to what Misericordia has done for him. He credits Dr. Melissa Sgroi and the MU communications department for his success as Dr. Sgroi put such a large emphasis on his "experiences" while at Misericordia. Sean felt encouraged to go out and get as many internships as possible which clearly paid off. Upon graduating, he had completed four internships including working for the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins and the Philadelphia Phillies.
Sean and his team are working about 16 hours in a given city, and then they are hopping on their tour bus to the next location- constantly moving in between time zones across the United States. His bucket-list goal is to travel to 48 of the 50 states with WWE (and maybe take a vacation of his own to Alaska and Hawaii to hit the remaining two states). Lucky for us, WWE does come to Wilkes-Barre to film, so although Sean travels all over the world, he always has the opportunity to come back home through the arch.

December 2018


It is a typical night in the Poplawski household- 1998 alumnus Dr. Kevin Poplawski and his wife, Elizabeth, are putting their daughters, Emily and Hailey, to bed, and the girls want to hear their favorite bedtime story. "Eli's Magic Moment!" they cheer. Could you blame them? Since this book was published on November 26, 2017, it has sold about 800 copies; not to mention, the author is Emily and Hailey's hero- their dad.

How does a doctor of physical therapy, who has spent 20 years in Orthopedics/Sports Medicine, find himself as the author of a popular children's book? Kevin will tell you that "you never know where your connections will take you." Night after night, Kevin would make up fun stories to tell his first born, Emily. However, there was one story in particular that she really took a liking to, and Kevin started writing it down. When Kevin struggled to find a publisher for his book, he turned to his mentor from Misericordia, Jeanne Moran. The two worked closely together to help find Kevin an illustrator and get him on the right path to make his book successful.

Kevin did not stop there. He has already donated over 100 copies of his book to hospitals, libraries, and schools. His book teaches important lessons in teamwork and mentorship, and Kevin believes these themes come from his time at Misericordia. Kevin learned all about teamwork on the soccer field, and he found a wonderful mentor in Jeanne Moran and her husband, Dr. Mike Moran '07. We are all looking forward to the sequel that is already in the works, but in the meantime, Kevin's daughters, Emily and Hailey, are happy sharing the story of Eli with all the young readers out there.




November 2019

It is 6:00am, and 2010 English alumna Brandi Brace is heading off to bed for a good night's sleep. It might seem strange to us, but it is actually 11:00pm for Brandi who is currently in Finland getting her master's in Internet and Game Studies at the University of Tampere.
It is not every day that you see an English major perusing her master's degree in gaming. Brandi admits that she was never able to settle on one thing that interested her. In fact, she began as a chemistry major at Misericordia, and in her spare time, you would catch Brandi teaching herself various gaming design techniques. However, MU gave Brandi the flexibility to explore everything she was interested in. This flexibility truly provided her with the opportunity to make the English program unique to Brandi.
Brandi has begun to merge her passions of teaching and gaming. She is an adjunct professor at Penn State Wilkes-Barre which allows her the time to design games with her husband, Jeremy. They have quite the team with Brandi designing the various levels and Jeremy working on the programming for their company, Atlantic Divide Games. Brandi now instructs a video game culture class at Penn State, and she also works on various programs throughout the summer teaching local youth about video game design.
The game development community in Finland is vast, and Brandi has been using her time there to both expand her knowledge and network. She could not believe that the head of her program is Frans Mäyrä who she refers to as the father of video game studies. It will be very exciting to see what she and her husband have in store for the gaming community in the years to come.

October 2018

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and 2007 OT alumna Bethany McCullough Bondura is a strong supporter of this month of awareness. Bethany got her job in the Lehigh Valley after graduating from College Misericordia, and she has been working at the Lehigh Valley Health Network as an occupational therapist for the past 11 years. She saw breast cancer patients with extreme swelling, due to lymph node removal or trauma from surgery, but realized that no one in her unit was certified to help those individuals. Bethany knew that it would be a lengthy process to get certified in lymphedema therapy, but she was extremely passionate about helping these breast cancer patients as well as others who have lymphedema.

After taking online classes and several weeks of hands-on education, Bethany became a certified lymphedema therapist, and she now works strictly with lymphedema patients. She educates the patients, many of those who had breast cancer, about exercises that support the compromised quadrant(s) of the body affected by the lymph node removal or trauma. Bethany develops a treatment plan, including bandaging and massage treatment, that she works through with her patients, and when their swelling has gone down enough, she measures her patients for compression garments so they can return to a more comfortable lifestyle.

Bethany was a part of the last graduating class from College Misericordia. She feels blessed that she had such great professors and classmates throughout her journey. The smaller class sizes allowed Bethany to seek out her niche and her passion in the OT field – this includes Bethany making the decision to pursue a minor in psychology as well as her geriatrics certificate at Misericordia. She strongly believes that Misericordia impressed upon her a sense of community and how to best serve those around her. Every day she sees how her job is both physically and emotionally taxing on her patients, and she is able to take the knowledge, skills, and experiences that she learned while at Misericordia to make a difference in their lives.

September 2018

From Holy Redeemer High School in Wilkes-Barre, PA to Misericordia University to Paris, France, recent alumnae Leah Santucci ’16 and Emily Halbing ’15 have quite an interesting story. It was not until their years at Misericordia that they crossed paths. English is what brought them together, both working in the Writing Center and on Instress, but English was ironically not their sole focus at MU.

Leah majored in Nursing and minored in English while Emily chose to double major in Psychology and English. Leah now works in Endoscopy at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, and Emily teaches children science, math, and English in South Korea.

How did these two find themselves together in Paris? Leah and Emily were selected to present at the XVIII International Hemingway Conference held in Paris, France from July 22-28, 2018. Misericordia was well represented at this conference with not only these two remarkable alumnae presenting, but also current MU students as well as faculty and staff.

Leah and Emily were a part of the largest turnout that the Ernest Hemingway Foundation & Society has ever seen at a conference, with over 500 individuals in attendance. The two alumnae not only had the opportunity to present at such a prestigious and well-attended conference, but they also took full advantage of everything that Paris, France had to offer- including the Eiffel Tower where the conference poster that Leah designed was displayed to all of Paris.

There is still plenty in store for these two international travelers, but they will always have a home in Dallas, PA.

August 2018

PT alumnus, Dr. Charles Stevens, III '10, '13, has put "outpatient therapy on wheels" with his company, Mobile Therapy Services. Charles and his team are currently serving 30-40 active patients in Luzerne and Lackawanna County. Mobile Therapy Services is the only company in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area doing this type of outpatient house-call therapy service. His company has assembled a top-notch team and specializes in Geriatrics, MS/PD, and other neurologic diseases.

He knew that fellow Misericordia alumnae could bring the talent and skills needed to give his patients the best experience possible. Lori Recek Cardinale '95 and Lori Wasilewski Pecuch '98, are graduates of Misericordia's Occupational Therapy program, and are part of the Mobile Therapy Services team.

Charles accredits the guidance of the Physical Therapy department at Misericordia for pushing him to always strive for excellent care. Mobile Therapy Services' Facebook page showcases countless patient testimonials encompassing an overwhelming commonality - an overall improvement of their quality of life thanks to Dr. Charles Stevens, III and his team. He looks back with gratitude and pride at the rigorous program and mentorship that he received during his years at Misericordia.

July 2018

Director of Marketing by day and Furniture Flipper by night, 2017 communications alumna Melanie Quintanilla utilizes her time management skills that she learned while at MU to find success in her post-grad life.
Timing was everything for Melanie. The Paper Shop in Moosic, PA knew about Melanie’s talents in marketing and graphic design before she even received her degree. Melanie transitioned from part time into the full time director role right after graduation. As the Director of Marketing, Melanie has been given the freedom to give the Paper Shop a fresh start. She has been working on the redesign of a brand new website, as well as an app.
When Melanie’s work day ends at the Paper Shop, this young alumna does not simply hang out at home. Melanie also runs a small business with her sister, Natalie, called ‘Find and Beautify.’ The sisters not only refurbish furniture and make it “F.A.B.,” but they also custom-make furniture. Melanie still utilized her communications degree from MU with her small business as she worked to develop their website, Facebook, and Instagram.
Melanie feels that without MU, she would not be where she is today – serving as a marketing director and running her own business with her sister. Misericordia taught her how to design and market, and she was able to apply that knowledge to running ‘Find and Beautify.’ Melanie attributes her education at MU and the relationships she formed on campus to her success. We know that no matter what this recent alumna sets her mind to, her future will be nothing short of “FAB”ulous.

June 2018

She moved her tassel from left to right on Saturday, May 12th, and now the question is Montana or Miss Pennsylvania?

When 2018 biology alumna, Becky Zaneski (currently Miss Pocono), began her journey at Misericordia University in 2014, she had no issues diving into MU’s charism of service. She has been living with the charism of service in her heart her whole life.

When she is not serving others, she is preparing to compete for the title of Miss Pennsylvania. This month, Becky will compete for the coveted title in Pittsburgh. Since the young age of four thanks to Becky’s mother, Miss Pennsylvania ’91, she has been heavily immersed in the Miss America Organization.

Her platform for Miss Pennsylvania #builtonservice reflects her love for serving others – choosing MU strengthened her desire to help others. “Misericordia was the perfect place for me”, said Becky.

During her time at MU, she was a part of the Mercy Leaders’ Program for three years, and completed over 700 hours of service. As a member of campus ministry, Becky coordinated the “Kids on Campus” program- where she and a group of students would babysit the children of the mothers in MU’s Women with Children Program. When she had the opportunity for breaks throughout her four years at MU, she instead decided to take advantage of the service trip opportunities. She also founded the club, Operation Smile, at MU after hearing about the global organization founded by alumna, Kathleen McGee ’67.

The question still remains – Miss Pennsylvania or Montana?

Becky already has more service planned for her future if she is not crowned Miss PA. In September, she will move to Montana to work at the Richland County Boys and Girls Club with AmeriCorps. Continuing her path of service, she will be focusing on community engagement, enrichment, and integration.

The entire Misericordia community and beyond will be cheering Becky on as she competes for the title of Miss PA this month, and no matter what the future has in store for this alumna who is #builtonservice, she will transform lives and communities with the charisms of the Sisters of Mercy and Misericordia in her heart.

February 2018

The Florida sun was calling to 2012 OT alumna Stephanie May after graduating from Misericordia. Stephanie now resides in the Tampa Bay area, and if you knew her when she was a cheerleader at MU, you would not be surprised by where life has taken her. Stephanie now works as an occupational therapist in an outpatient center specializing in the treatment of hands. She has also returned to cheerleading after stepping away from the sport for 5 years after graduating from MU.


Stephanie took the plunge and auditioned for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders - landing a spot on the team. Her experience with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization has reached far beyond cheerleading and dancing. Stephanie has had the opportunity to be an ambassador for the organization as well as a part of its community outreach. Stephanie attributes her love for wanting to get involved in the community to the volunteer opportunities that she participated in at MU. She feels that it has a large part to do with the way that MU shapes its students – to be those who love giving back, have a good heart, and have a great outlook on life.


Bringing everything full circle, Stephanie now takes on her own fieldwork students. She truly appreciates the education that MU gave her – noting, in particular, the comprehensive curriculum and the professionalism of the program. Stephanie and some of her fellow alumnae also get together every year that they can to support the Misericordia Cheerleaders at Nationals in Florida. It is great knowing that there is room in Stephanie’s heart to be both a Buccaneer and a Cougar for life.

September 2016


From playoff game-winning goals to working on Wall Street, ’14 alumnus Nick Santillo never forgets his undergrad roots at MU. Nick has put his accounting degree to good use in Manhattan, where he works as an auditor for a public accounting firm. He spends most of his Monday through Fridays bouncing around the ‘Big Apple’ from the Freedom Tower to Park Ave.

In his down time, Nick stays close with his fellow men’s lacrosse alumni, the largest single class of men’s lacrosse players in MU history. Coach James Ricardo remembers the freshman days for Nick and the team very well. “Their group came in and worked out hard together, trained together, and wanted to be the guys that got us to the next level”, and that’s exactly what they did. In Nick’s sophomore year, the team had their best season ever. In his junior year, Nick took it a step further when he scored the game winning goal in double overtime, which propelled the team to their first ever conference championship.

Nick is enjoying his professional career and life after graduation, but MU is never far from his mind. “ I’m looking forward to Homecoming and the alumni lacrosse game. We were just like a family, and we’re all still very close.” Join Nick, the men’s alumni lacrosse team, and the Class of 2014 at this year’s homecoming, Saturday October 1.

July 2016

Jeff Kelly

Young, scrappy, and free, Misericordia’s own Jeff Kelly is taking MU Theater to an entirely new level. Jeff, a ’12 ’14 alumnus, has been part of the Misericordia entertainment scene since he was only twelve years old. He began as a volunteer for Under the Stars, an annual MU summer concert series, and is now the Manager of Cultural and Special Events.

In the spirit of service, Jeff uses his passion for the arts in his role as the Theater Director at MU. Jeff recently traveled to NYC where he had the opportunity to attend a “Meet the Artist” master class with creator and star of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda. What was it like to learn from the hottest name on Broadway? “Inspiring” said Jeff. “Lin is such a down to earth person, he embodies the ideal artist. He is in the business because of his passion for the Arts, and he was a teacher first; he is in it for the youth of our society.” The same can be said of Jeff, as he too works with theater students at Dallas High School and the Performing Arts Academy, in addition to his work with Misericordia students.

As for the Kelly Family and theater, you could say it’s in the genes. After some time out of the limelight, Jeff recently took up a role in "Midlife the Crisis Musical" with his sister and fellow ’04 alumna Angela Kelly, and ’04 alumnus Harry Blaine McKeown, director of both "Midlife the Crisis Musical" and theater productions at Dallas High School.

There’s no telling where Jeff’s talent will lead to, and we are certainly looking forward to it! As for what’s next, Jeff said he is looking forward to “flourishing and growing a strong theater arts program.” That’s a wrap!

June 2016

Meghan Franz Koziel


Changing the world starts at home, and for 2012 OT alumna Meghan Franz Koziel, that’s every time she sees The Arch. “From my very first day on campus as a freshman, I remember describing the campus as a happy bubble.” After a magical graduation week filled with photo shoots and balloon releases, Meghan embraced the cherished charisms she learned while at MU and brought her gifts out into the world. “I was able to carry that drive and love for humanity to create a foundation known as Gifts for Guyana,” where gifts were collected and presented to the young boys at St. John Bosco orphanage. Meghan says that her days at MU were the best days of her life, filled with love and encouragement from everyone around her. “From being an orientation leader, then coordinator for many summers with my Miseri Mommy, the world famous Darcy, to diving more into my faith with Father Don and the amazing campus ministry staff, my college experience was filled with so many amazing memories!” Meghan called on her MU family last October when she was faced with a breast cancer diagnosis at only 26 years old. She says, “I truly do not think I would be able to see the positive sides of the situation if I didn’t have my experiences of being a part of the MU family.” She also credits the love and support learned here at home has helped her through some difficult moments. “The experiences that I had in college are why I am the positive, outgoing, and world changing superhero that I strive to be on the daily!”

As for that Mercy, Service, Justice, and Hospitality? Meghan is already right back to work helping others. “My hope is to save a life through early detection, and forever make girls going through chemo feel beautiful. It is important to always stay positive and true to yourself, because it’s that inside sparkle that makes someone truly beautiful."


May 2016

Grace Clancy Riker


The future is looking bright for ’13 English Alumna Grace Clancy Riker! After earning her Bachelor’s in English from MU, she obtained a Master’s from Queen’s University in Northern Ireland. She currently lives in New York City. Grace has always had a passion for theatre and the performing arts, and most recently auditioned amongst 700 other women for the role of Tracy Turnblad in NBCs Hairspray Live. She fondly remembers her days on campus in Lemmond Theatre while working on various shows and Beyond Harmony rehearsals. Grace is very grateful for her foundation at MU, and thanks all of her English professors that “pushed me very hard to prepare me for the real world” as well as “the Field Hockey teams and Coach Stahovic for their structure and support.” Grace continues to exhibit our charism of service, and is establishing a Brain Aneurysm support group in NYC through the Joe Niekro Foundation. She is also organizing volunteers for "A Cerebral Affair", a gala held to raise awareness and to find early detection of Brain Aneurysms and AVMs.


April 2016

Beth Guarnieri

Beth Guarnieri ’09 communications Alumna hits the big screen April 27th in the film “Ticking Hearts”. The movie will premiere at Regent University, where Beth is currently pursuing her MFA in Acting. Beth is no stranger to the limelight. As a student, she co-founded the first television show at Misericordia (Cougar Cast) and was the captain of the Cheerleading squad. She is also 1 of 5 sisters that have attended MU. The Guarnieri Dynasty sisters, Katie, Marianne, Bridget, Maggie share a unique bond, in that they are all MU alumnae. “One thing I love is that we can all call Misericordia home at some point in our lives and even though we are spread over 10 years, to have that shared experience forever is something that has brought us even closer and I will always cherish,” she said. Although Beth is constantly on-the-go, she often thinks of a special place here on campus. There is a bench in honor of her grandmother that overlooks McHale Beach… and that to her is “home”.

March 2016

Max Weintraub


Family and finance are perfectly paired in the life of ’12 Business Alumnus Max Weintraub. After graduating with his MBA in 2013, he joined Weintraub Financial Services, the business founded by his father Jay, nearly 40 years ago. For Max, the family business is more than just a career, “I get that feeling of fulfillment, that I’m helping people.” He is happy to work with other recent graduates on building a strong investment portfolio—which Max says is as easy as starting with $10 a month. He credits the support of Men’s Baseball Coach Pete Egbert with his decision to come to Misericordia; an experience that resulted in a successfulinternship, and ultimately earning a seat at Weintraub Financial Services.


February 2016

Shannon Kowalski

By day, she’s the Youth Minister at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Moscow, PA. In her spare time, she’s a world traveler with a passion for serving those in need. Shannon Kowalski is an alumna from the class of 2012. As a student, she traveled with Campus Ministry to Jamaica and Peru on service trips, as well as a Habitat for Humanity trip and multiple alternative spring breaks. She has been to two World Youth Day events, one in Spain, the other in Brazil, and has seen both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis in person. Shannon credits her participation in MU Campus Ministry as the catalyst to her altruistic wanderlust. In 2016, she plans to travel to Guatemala on a service trip, and to Poland for her third World Youth Day.

January 2016

Matt Grant

From the MU studio to the sets of “Creed” and “Sully”, Matt Grant ’12 has covered a lot of ground in his first few years as a young alumnus. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, Matt headed to Philadelphia and began working as a freelance production assistant on various television and movie sets. Matt credits some of his success to picking up cues from his mentors along the way, “I got a feel of how they got to where they were going.” He also credits the real world opportunities with the Communications Department, including “Cougar Cast” and “You Said It” for giving him the drive to get the job done. We are very excited for Matt’s success, and look forward to his success in 2016!


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