Statistics Faculty and Staff

Misericordia University’s faculty are experts in their content area and are dedicated to upholding the mission of the university through service to students and fostering intellectual curiosity. Their interaction with students on a daily basis exemplifies the professional and individualized attention that Misericordia boasts.

The department currently has six full time faculty members:

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Jerry Bradford

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Research Interests: Mathematics Education, Foundations of Mathematics, Statistics

Dr. Yuhan DingDr. Yuhan Ding

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Research Interests: Approximation Theory, Computer Science, Data Mining

Dr. Triet PhamDr. Triet Pham

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Research Interests: Probability Theory, Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Actuarial Science

Dr. Jay StineDr. Jay Stine
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department Chair,
Mathematics & Computer Science
Program Chair, Statistics
Research Interests: General and Categorical Topology, Topos Theory

Dr. Steven Tedford, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Steven Tedford
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Research Interests: Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Greedoid Theory

Dr. Pat Touhey, Professor of MathematicsDr. Pat Touhey
Professor of Mathematics
Research Interests: Topology, Chaos Theory, History of Mathematics
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