Special Pre-Orientation Opportunity

Join SOAR on an adventure unlike any other! Before Orientation, we are offering FOUR options for outdoor adventures led by our trained student leaders! Join us Sunday, July 29th thru Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 to get a Misericordia adventure in, meet new students, and meet some upper class students!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! All Levels welcome! As with all of SOAR adventures, all of our programs are open to participants of every level from no experience to very experienced.

We are offering three such adventures this year. The dates of the adventures are Sunday July 29th - Wednesday, August 1st!

The four adventure options:

  • Pinchot Trail: Backpack 23 miles of the Pennsylvanian woods and learn some essential woodsy skills! Jump in a water hole to cool down and get psyched for some trailside yoga! Best. Backpacking. Adventure. Ever!
  • Delaware Paddle: Canoe down 45 miles of the Delaware River and see the Gap up close! Camp on river islands, see some bald eagles, and hop in the river to cool down! Get psyched!
  • PA Rock Climbing: Join us and head rock climbing locally here around Misericordia! We hit local crags, go over basics of rock climbing, and get a day of bouldering in as well! Featuring a camp out at Ricketts Glen state park (with a dunk at the lake), what could be better!?
  • Old Loggers Path: This is the more challenging of our four AdvenSOAR programs! Backpack 27 miles through PA’s most pristine wilderness in the heart of the state! Don’t miss out on this epic backpacking memory! (Similar to Pinchot Trail, just a few more miles!)

Contact Patrick at pmckamy@misericordia.edu or (570) 674-6411 for more information!

Pinchot Trail

Pinchot Hike

Local Pinchot State Forest offers Misericordia access to a treasure right here in Northeast Pennsylvania! Enjoy beautiful views of the Poconos and Lackawanna basin while enjoying peaceful trail cut through a variety of environments.

Learn basic and advanced outdoor skills, cool off with dunks in a campsite creek, and get some miles on your feet with this adventure unlike any other.

Tackle 23 miles of beautiful Northeast Pennsylvanian trail with fellow incoming first year students under the facilitation of two upper class student leaders! Take a dunk in a watering hole and get some trail-side yoga while at it!

Pinchot Trail
Pinchot Trail

Delaware Paddle

Delaware Paddle

The Delaware River separates the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from the State of New Jersey. This area, with wilderness, homes, and towns along the banks, will remind participants of both the peace of the water, and the vibrant community of Northeast Pennsylvania.

This adventure will travel the roughly 45 miles along the Delaware River from Lackawaxen, PA (along the New York state border) down to the pull-out at the Delaware Water Gap. Enjoy the scenic views, look for various water fowl, and camp along the riverside and island camping. We will be paddling the river down canoes. Dry-bags are available for all participants.

Keep an eye out for a bald eagle!

Delaware PaddleDelaware Paddle

PA Rock Climbing

PA Rock Climbing

Enjoy 4 days of epic rock climbing of the local crags to Misericordia University!

No experience necessary, all abilities welcome with challenge for all!

We will review and learn rock climbing skills such as knots and belaying, then get a chance to test out local rock climbing crags and explore the world of bouldering at a third location. In addition, we will get the chance to go camping and hiking at local Ricketts Glen State Park!

Meet fellow first year students, experience new adventures, learn new skills, and all there is about the SOAR program in a summer adventure-filled pre-orientation program!

PA Rock Climbing

Old Loggers Path

Old Loggers Path

For a bit more of challenge, sign up for the Old Loggers Path backpacking experience! This 27 mile hike through pristine Pennsylvanian wilderness will bring you across creeks to beautiful overlook passes with parts on old loggers roads. This trip is similar to the Pinchot Hike with only a few added miles!

Grab some trail mix, love the oatmeal, and hit the trail to pound those miles away as you move through the Loggers Path on your first steps with Misericordia. Sign up today!

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