Purpose: To broaden and strengthen mission development and thus strengthen the organizational culture of Misericordia University consistent with Mercy values. This initiative exists to promote greater pride in our Mercy heritage as a Mercy institution of higher education and to increase the desire and motivation among community members to be as effective in their roles as possible for the good of the whole and for future generations of students.

Coordinator: Sr. Cindy March is Coordinator of the Initiative. Her blended background and training as a psychologist and a Sister of Mercy provides a unique perspective and skill set to facilitate this effort.

Location: This initiative is an arm of Mission Integration and Sr. Cindy’s office is located in McAuley Hall – Room 201.

Reason for the Name: Compassion is a hallmark of Catherine McAuley’s life and work and so is an essential part of how we live Mercy values within our institution. Mindful Living is an approach to life and work that encourages living more fully and aware of the present moment. Living mindfully creates conditions for positive and desired work/life environments because the quality of life, work, and relationships are enhanced when practiced. Mindful living goes hand and hand with compassion because only when we live mindfully can we be in tune with our own needs and the needs of others as well as the desire to address these needs from a place of caring.

Focus of the Initiative: Employee Support and Development

Services Available:

  • Professional Life Development Coaching – As a licensed psychologist, I am offering this service to all employees. This work is focused on personal and/or professional issues and includes identifying desired goals/outcomes, identifying obstacles, and creating change to achieve increased personal and professional satisfaction and a sense of well-being. There is no cost for this service for employees at MU.
  • Conflict Mediation Facilitation (between individuals, within departments, etc.)
  • Consultation – To assist employees with challenging work situations and to gain ideas about how to address human behavior-type concerns.
  • Programming – For personal development, spiritual development, and mission development - especially in the areas of compassion and mindfulness.

Other Engagements with the MU Community:

  • Work with MU Mercy Associates
  • Mission liaison on MU Sustainability Committee

Contact: For more information or to set up an appointment for life development coaching, contact Sr. Cindy at 570-674-8490 or at

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