Chemistry and Biochemistry Exploration Camp

Dr. Serino with biochem camp students

The Chemistry/Biochemistry department at Misericordia invites students entering 12th grade in the fall of 2019 to explore careers in the chemical and biochemical sciences. This experience will be a three/day/two evening camp June 30 - July 2 that will be available to students entering their senior year in high school. Students who are interested in learning about the assortment of careers that a degree in chemistry or biochemistry can lead to are strongly encouraged to attend. Students will work together on projects in the areas of alternative energy resources, water quality, forensics, and pharmaceuticals gaining hands-on experience with instrumentation. This camp will offer field trips to facilities that will highlight the activities students complete first hand.

Students who attend this camp will also:

  • Interact with faculty in the Chemistry/Biochemistry department
  • Work in teams to synthesize and analyze samples of bio-diesel from vegetable oil
  • Acquire water samples and test the quality of water using laboratory instruments
  • Complete an assortment of activities on the importance of chemistry and biochemistry in forensics
  • Use technology and instrumentation to further understand data collected during these activities
  • Present the activities that they have done with their peers and faculty

Dates: June 30 - July 2, 2019

Times: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm with additional evening activities

Cost: $100.00

For more information about the camp and an application, contact Dr. Anna Fedor at (570) 674-6769 or e-mail

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