Workshops and Group Counseling

Introduction to Group Therapy - This video was developed at Wright State University and is used here with their permission.

Workshops or group counseling sessions at the CAPS Center provide opportunities for students with common concerns to meet in a safe and confidential setting and explore current issues that are affecting them. Members can anticipate learning new information and skills to improve their interpersonal, emotional, or psychological well-being, while receiving support, encouragement, and guidance from other members.

Current workshops and groups are listed below:

Bounce Back!

This is a weekly workshop series geared towards students learning how to manage life's challenges, disappointments, setbacks, and distressing current events with more resilience. These workshops focus on factors related to resiliency such as reframing “failures”, adopting a growth mindset, accepting one’s feelings as well as life challenges, sustaining one’s health, and reflecting on one’s strengths, goals, and needs. And, the workshops are intended to be interactive, so you’ll have opportunities to bounce experiences and suggestions around with other students.

This program includes Ted Talks and activities that are designed to enhance resiliency. Discussion topics rotate each week, so every session has something new!

These workshops are open to all students… regardless of whether you’ve ever attended other services at the CAPS Center before.

No appointment is necessary for these workshops, just come! You can attend as many or as few of these weekly workshops as you’d like, at any time across the semester.

This workshop is held EVERY Friday at 12:00 throughout the entire semester.

Mindful Relaxation Group

Mindful relaxation group reminds us to be present and aware of what is happening within our mind, body and soul. In this group, you will learn anxiety reduction techniques, relaxation and coping skills, grounding and mindfulness strategies. This group also allows for identifying and processing emotions, such as feelings of stress and anxiety. Holistic approaches are integrated into this group, such as utilization of essential oils and meditation to promote wellness and relaxation.

This group meets bi-weekly across the semester. Please contact Melissa Reich ( regarding questions or scheduling information.

Download the Counseling and Psychological Service Center brochure


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