PA students in the state-of-the-art Patient Assessment laboratory.

The Misericordia University is in the process of constructing a state-of-the-art Patient Assessment laboratory projected to be completed in early 2012. This 1200 square foot facility, is designed to provide an optimal environment for student learning experiences in outpatient and other ambulatory clinic environments. The laboratory features:

  • 10 medical bays with new examination tables all equipped with :
    • wall mounted Welch Allyn integrated diagnostic systems which include: macroview otoscopes, panoptic ophthalmoscopes, aneroid blood pressure cuffs and oral digital thermometers
    • A variety of teaching models for CPR training, gynecologic, breast, testicular and prostate examinations
    • Computer projection to allow for instruction utilizing online simulation and digitalized heart sounds and lung sounds.
    • Several mobile laptop units available for online learning in patient simulations
Misericordia University also provides an up to date cadaver laboratory with 8 full cadavers for the Gross Anatomy Laboratory training.
Access to teaching facilities at the college of health sciences state of the art simulation equipment including
    • A life-size adult VitalSim™ Manikin which enables students to interpret cardiac, lung and abdominal sounds; practice wound care; and learn technical procedures including endotracheal and nasogastric tube insertion, venipuncture, and catheterization
    • An intravenous arm that allows students to practice insertions, injections, and venipuncture
    • Simulated hospital room and doctors office with ability to observe clinical activities

PA students observing a professor in class.

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