FAQs about the PA Program.

What is the deadline for application?

We are accepting applications on a rolling admission basis with a final application deadline of January 15 each year for admission that fall.

Is there an application in addition to CASPA?

No, graduate applicants apply through CASPA only.

Do I have to complete all the prerequisite courses before I can apply?
No. You may apply prior to completing all of your prerequisite courses, but must have all of them completed by the end of June prior to starting the PA program.

Are prerequisite courses waived if I have a college degree?
No. All prerequisite courses are required for all applicants.

Are admission tests required?
The GRE is required as is a Level I Background check and Drug Screen.

I have completed some of the courses in the curriculum. Can I jump ahead in the program?
No. All students progress together through the didactic year.

I took a combination survey course in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Does this meet your requirement?

I took a General Chemistry course but didn't take the lab. Do I need it?
Yes. The laboratory section is required.

I have a medical degree from another country. Am I granted an automatic interview and entry into the program?
No. All applicants must go through the same application and interview process.

How many applications are received for this program?
This is a developing program - however, it is anticipated that applications will be competitive.

What is the average GPA of the applicants?
This varies by year, please see the admissions page for actually numbers.

When should I apply?
You should apply as soon as possible as we will be processing rolling admissions.

Is an interview needed?
Yes - the admissions committee will invite selected students for an on campus interview which is a required step.

Do I have to shadow a PA?
While this is not a requirement, it is highly recommended.

I am not earning my degree until spring. Can I apply before I graduate?
Yes, you should apply as soon as possible. Incomplete course work will be taken into consideration.

What does the admission committee look for in a competitive applicant?
Strong GPA with a science aptitude, strong interest in medicine as evidenced by volunteer work and/or shadowing.

What is the daily schedule like?
During the didactic year there will be approximately 25-30 hrs of class/lab time and an equal amount of time required for study.

Can I work while attending the program?
We strongly recommend AGAINST working during this program.

How are GPAs figured and what coursework is considered?
See admission requirements

Are repeated courses added into the GPA?
Repeated courses will have the higher grade substituted when calculating the pre-requisite GPA. CASPA automatically calculates all coursework into the overall GPA and science GPA.

Is there a time limit on coursework?

All prerequisite courses must have been taken within the past 10 years.

What degree will I earn?

Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Where will my clinical rotations take place?

Please see the Clinical Affiliate List for specific sites, however all students should expect to do one or more clinical rotation at a site outside of Pennsylvania. Students may petition the program director for permission to complete all rotations as locally as possible in cases of hardship, such as parenting (not to include financial reasons).

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