Autism for Lifelong Learning (ALL)

Autism for Lifelong Learning (ALL)
Is designed to provide supported employment, competitive employment, and community participation support services to adults with autism. As a part of Misericordia University’s Autism Center, ALL’s primary goal is to enable the adults involved in the program to ultimately obtain employment to the fullest extent of their respective abilities. In addition to being prepared to secure employment, the adults will also be exposed to various non-profit groups and interact with the broader Wyoming Valley community."

The ALL Program exists because of significant gaps in the continuum of care and interventions for individuals on the Autism Spectrum of Disorders across the life span. The ALL Program also offers services to adults on the ASD with an accompanying diagnosis of Intellectual Disabilities. Adults diagnosed with autism in Northeastern Pennsylvania do not have opportunities to participate in a program that is specialized to meet their unique needs in a program designed to lead to supported or competitive employment. The ALL Program with the resources of Misericordia University, will meet this need, which will assist program participants to live and function to their highest potential.

The ALL Program would like to acknowledge and thank several Misericordia University departments and the following businesses working with our program:

  • CEO - Pittston
  • Danko's - Dallas & Plains
  • Fred's Snack Shack - WB
  • Goodwill - Edwardsville
  • JCC Camp - Dallas
  • Kranson Clothes - WB
  • The Lands at Hillside - Trucksville
  • Volunteers of America - WB
  • YMCA - Pittston

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Mission Statement

The mission of the ALL Program is to educate and train adults with autism to integrate and function independently in and with the community, by acquiring life and employment skills leading to supported or competitive employment in order to live to their full potential as individuals with dignity and fulfillment.

Program Focus

It is the belief of the ALL Program that persons on the autism spectrum of disorders and those persons dually diagnosed with autism and intellectual disabilities can be successful in the workplace with proper assessments and supports. The supported and competitive employment opportunities will be in fully integrated settings with equality in payment for services.

The ALL Program is dedicated to provide supports and job coaching in a competitive and integrated work setting, and the position should reflect the program participants' strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and with the informed choice of the individual. Less than 2/3 of adults on the ASD are employed, and many of those under employed or engaged in part-time employment according to the Pennsylvania Autism Needs Assessment, 2014. The study also found that the most commonly reported challenge (81%) are the social communication challenges associated with autism, and access to those employers willing to hire people on the spectrum. It is the focus of the ALL Program to address these issues.

Population Served

The ALL Program will provide high quality services to adults on the Autism Spectrum of Disorders and those persons dually diagnosed with autism and intellectual disabilities leading to obtaining and maintaining competitive integrated employment. The ALL Program specializes in dealing with persons who are diagnosed with Autism.

Counties Served

It is the intention of the ALL Program to serve the areas of Luzerne and Wyoming Counties.


The ALL Program is a part of Misericordia University and has services that fall under the University's Autism Center. The ALL Program has been licensed by the Office of Developmental Programs under the requirements of Chapter 2380, and all program services have been approved by the Office of Developmental Programs, the Bureau of Autism Services, and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Funding sources are Adult Autism Waiver, Consolidated and Person/Family Direct Support Waiver Services, OVR funding, and fee-for-service. In addition, funding from grants, gifts to the program and donations are accepted.

ALL Program Transition Services

The Autism for Lifelong Learning Program also offers Transition Services

Contact Information

Joan Roth Kleinman - ALL Program Director

Katy Kranson - ALL Program Coordinator

Carlene Musselman - ALL Program Administrative Assistant

Phone number: 570-674-8200

Fax: 570-674-8471


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Open House

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