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Learning the Art of Lobbying in Washington, DC

Upon completing my first week as an intern at Chamber Hill Strategies, I have come to the realization that Washington D.C. is extremely up tempo when compared to basically everywhere else I have ever lived. D.C. is an information super highway: there are endless new things to learn about policy, politics, and lobbying. With that being said, I spent a good portion of this week getting brought up to speed with the help of many of my co-workers.

Washington, DC internship

I have also had the pleasure of accompanying a partner of the firm, Jenn Higgins, on her day-to-day operations. This include some general things like conference calls and meetings with clients but also some very unique opportunities. I was given the privilege of accompanying Jenn to two speeches she gave this week. One was a briefing for one of our clients where she explained some of the changing winds in healthcare policy with the new administration and what this client could expect to see with the direction of the new healthcare bill. I was also allowed to watch as Jenn gave a separate speech to a group of Government Officials about the truths and falsities of what lobbying is and what lobbyists do, which was a great insight into the world I might find myself in later in life.

Washington, DC internship

If I was not accompanying Jenn, I had a few projects of my own that I was assigned. The main project I am working on is collecting research to design a strategy memo on Telehealth (using telecommunications to provide health services like video consults with doctors so a patient does not have to go into an office). What this means is that I will look through studies and other research materials to compile a general guideline that we can use to brief our clients that are interested in accessing telehealth, as well as the benefits and draw backs of using telehealth and what policy points we might be able to work on that would make telehealth safer, more accessible, and higher quality. Lastly, I helped my co-workers in varying capacities on projects that they were working on like gathering a list of Congressmen’s party affiliations, or researching a company that could be a potential client. All in all, a very successful week, and I cannot wait to see what else this internship has to offer!

Kevin Forsyth

Kevin Forsyth is a rising senior, majoring in Medical and Health Humanities, Nursing, and Philosophy. He is completing a summer internship at Chamber Hill Strategies, a public policy and consulting firm, in Washington, DC to fulfill his fieldwork requirement for the Medical and Health Humanities degree.

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Posted by Dave Pasquini in Internships on Thursday May, 24, 2018 at 02:46PM


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