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Thinking About the Future Following Washington Internship

I just wanted to start this blog with a thank you to everyone involved with my internship because it truly was a fantastic experience. Working in D.C. was eye-opening to say the least, with so many new experiences and new information everywhere you looked.

Washington, DC

I learned so much about the way our government works and which committees, representatives, staffers, etc. are the ones that should be spoken to when working on various issues. I also learned many of the basic ins and outs of lobbying and about how the lobbying process works, which, contrary to popular belief, is not just dropping a big bag of money at a Senator’s door and getting them to vote your way. My internship also lined up with many of the concepts found in the Medical and Health Humanities program at Misericordia, which prepared me well for this internship.

Many of the policies I worked on had some basis in the good of public health. This means that a lot of the issues we were lobbying on for companies were in an effort to promote the wellbeing of the public, not to increase the bottom-line of “special interest groups.” I also covered some briefings such as the ones by Health Affairs or Politico, which provided up to date information on important issues in healthcare and what can be done to combat them. To me, combating these public health issues for the greater good is essentially the basis of the Medical and Health Humanities program, and is what I hope to do in the future.

Washington, DC

While I did work in a lobbying firm and I truly enjoyed the experience and would consider doing it in the future, my initial career goal is to just find a job working in healthcare policy. I very much want to work somewhere where I could look through all the current research and create new policy or regulations that would benefit those affected by a particular issue. It does not matter whether I would be working for the government as part of an organization like CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) or as part of a hospital to create improved care policies. I really just want to use my knowledge to make the world a better, healthier place and set an example for those that follow after me.

About the Author:
Kevin ForsythKevin Forsyth is a rising senior, majoring in Medical and Health Humanities, Nursing, and Philosophy. He is completing a summer internship at Chamber Hill Strategies, a public policy and consulting firm, in Washington, DC to fulfill his fieldwork requirement for the Medical and Health Humanities degree.

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