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Self-Care During Times of Stress

I know that we are all trying to wrap our minds around the changes that have happened in the past few weeks. It has been a whirlwind and, all of a sudden, our life activities (including school) are happening within the walls of our own homes. It is natural to feel a sense of confusion, worry, and frustration about these changes that have been made outside of our control. 

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As a Psychology professor and researcher with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, I&…

Posted by Dave Pasquini in Mental Health, Psychology on Thursday April 2
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Finding a New Balance - Helpful Tips During Changing Times

Just as suddenly as it began, it seemed to be over.

As more and more days began to pass, talk and rumors circulated within the air.  Next thing you know, the rumors became true. They became our new reality.  We received the email that all students will have to leave campus, and we will be completing our spring semester classes online until further notice.  A million questions start to fill your head, “What should I pack?”, “How long will we be off campus?&…

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