"MHH is a fantastic major. It allows students to explore the art of medicine. Students can learn about the value of a patient narrative and the concepts behind compassionate care. Additionally, it provides a space for individuals to discuss social and ethical issues in health and medicine. This not only allows for students to become informed about health care issues, it allows for the adoption or at least understanding of different perspectives from various social groups."

Kevin Forsyth

~ Kevin Forsyth ’18
Medical & Health Humanities and Nursing



“Since I began my undergraduate degree I knew I wanted to make a difference in healthcare. I choose the Medical and Health Humanities program at Misericordia because it offered a unique approach to understanding healthcare that was different from other programs. It allows students to discuss important ethical issues and emphasizes the importance of human dignity in healthcare. The faculty is knowledgeable and always willing to help you reach your goals both academically and professionally.”

~ Courtney Pisano
Class of 2019
Medical & Health Humanities



"The flexibility of the Medical and Health Humanities program not only allowed me to follow my pre-medicine dreams, but also gave me the freedom to pursue my other passions such as: studying abroad (twice), adding a second major in Biology, and minoring in both Chemistry and Ethics. This program allows me to continually grow in ways that traditional pre-medicine programs could not. It is with the pursuit of this program that I aspire to be a person of compassion and understanding in a healthcare system that tends to be cold."

Keana Albert

~ Keana Albert
Class of 2020
Medical & Health Humanities and Biology/Pre-Med


"My time at Misericordia has been nothing short of a wonderful experience. After multiple conversations with Dr. Amanda Caleb, I was introduced to the MHH program. Three years later, I have gone through an internship with Geisinger’s palliative department, and I am on my way to graduate school (the first in my entire family). All of this would not be possible without the efforts of Dr. Caleb who has been an incredible mentor and advisor. I truly do not think that I would be in this position if it weren’t for the staff at this University and the opportunities that the MHH program has offered me."

Ariel McPeek

~ Ariel M. McPeek
Class of 2019
Medical & Health Humanities and Philosophy

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