"The Philosophy Department at Misericordia is almost a hidden gem that I was fortunate enough to discover during my sophomore year.
The faculty in the philosophy department were not only there to meet me with incredible support, but what’s more is that it was authentic.
The opportunity I was given to discover my potential, to be myself, and to be met with nothing but support was, I think, a uniquely Misericordia experience.

From career and academic advising to providing life advice and encouragement, I felt a deep sense of belonging and support here. That is what I think makes Misericordia particularly special, and it’s also what I think makes a philosophy education invaluable."

Michael Dubinski

~ Michael Dubinski '18
B.A. Philosophy

"The one-on-one communication with the philosophy department faculty that was always so readily available to me not only allowed me to excel in my classes, but encouraged me to explore and discuss philosophical topics that interested me and aligned with my studies in the biological sciences.

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy has prepared me for earning my second undergraduate degree in only one additional year, and most importantly, it has provided me with a solid foundation to further my education in the graduate studies of philosophy of science and bioethics."

Bethany Flanders

~ Bethany Flanders ’16
B.A. Philosophy
Minors: Biology, Ethics


"The professors in the philosophy department are knowledgeable and passionate, dedicated to bringing philosophy into the community, and invested in the students’ success. The philosophy department is willing to work with other departments to allow students to double major, encouraging a mutually beneficial relationship that ultimately benefits the students. As a double major in philosophy and mathematics, I was able to witness this firsthand. Students from other fields bring different perspectives to philosophical discussions while those majoring in philosophy are able to bring crucial skills, like being able to break down complex problems, to their respective areas.

During my time at MU, I was able to excel in my classes, but more importantly I had the chance to help start Blades of Athena, join Phi Sigma Tau, and make friends. The conversation is always open to everyone, giving people the opportunity and support to learn and express their own opinions. The philosophy department makes that possible.

The experiences, skills, and knowledge I learned at MU were the stepping stone for me to pursue philosophy further, in which now I am a graduate student in the PhD program at SUNY Buffalo."

Angela Menditto

~ Angela Menditto ’14
B.A. Philosophy and Mathematics

"Trying to summarize what I loved best about the studying Philosophy at Misericordia is really hard. The teachers are really what made the experience and set our department apart from other schools. I still keep in regular contact with all of them, and visit whenever I can.

Furthermore, we created a student organization called the Blades of Athena, with the goal of applying philosophy to real life. Philosophy as a whole is often critiqued for being too ivory tower, or too apart from the reality of daily life. The Blades is all about bringing the best things about philosophy to people in their everyday lives.

As far as preparing for my future, I went on to study law at the Beasley School of Law at Temple University. I am focused on international law and in the international law arena it is vital to know and understand philosophy.

~ Jason Reeves ’13
B.A. Philosophy


"Being a philosophy major has fundamentally transformed my life for what I believe to be the better. I always wonder how many people can say their college major impacted them in such a powerful way. Of course part of this impact is due to the incredible faculty that work to teach these philosophic concepts to students, but a large part of this is the nature of philosophy itself.

Philosophy provides a passion for learning that does not limit your future, but on the contrary exponentially expands it. With a passion for learning, an individual can excel at any career or life path they choose to put their mind to. I would encourage any incoming college students to consider philosophy as a major, and learn to put themselves in control of their future."

~ Jacob Schweiger ’16
B.A. Philosophy

"I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to critically examine my beliefs about morality, justice, and the meaning of life during my undergraduate studies at Misericordia under the patient, knowledgeable and friendly guidance of Drs. Mark Painter and Matt Swanson.

My minor in philosophy enhanced my critical thinking skills – skills I use every day as a physical therapist. Furthermore, the numerous engaging and challenging (but always friendly!) debates between myself and my Misericordia philosophy peers and professors instilled in me a deep love of the Socratic method. It was this passion for knowledge and lifelong learning that inspired me to pursue a PhD in physiology and enter academia.

I owe the Philosophy Department at Misericordia University a huge debt of gratitude and will always be grateful for the opportunity to study with such a talented group of faculty."

Andrew Yannacone

~ Andrew T. Yannaccone, PT, PhD (’02)
Assistant Professor of Instruction in Physical Therapy
Temple University

“Philosophy is an odd thing. The subject can initiate some amazing conversations, discussing everything from religion and politics, to Aristotle and Socrates, to war propaganda,  and even to art and medicine. When working toward my bachelor degree in health science, and toward the larger degree of master of science in occupational therapy, philosophy seemed an unrealistic feat. But to my surprise, I understood it; I understood it and I liked it. To my even bigger surprise, my professors noticed. Because of the encouragement from the philosophy department, I had this great opportunity to learn from professors who wanted me to learn. We learned by reading, writing, discussing... repeat. I developed my critical thinking skills, something necessary for most aspects life if I’m not mistaken. I refined my writing and I learned how to defend an argument; how to listen and how to give way to someone else’s idea; how to be content with not understanding everything. Philosophy also influenced the ‘human’ in me. Yes, philosophy has had a huge impact on my ‘humanness’. I am more human - I am more ready to interact with others, to see their point of view, to empathize with their cause because of the education I received from my professors and the great philosophers we read from. Philosophy is not always given the credit it is due. To that, I make the claim that without philosophy, I would not be as well prepared to go into the healthcare field. Because in the healthcare field, we must not forget to be human.”

Headshot of Sarah Novalsky

Sarah Novalsky, MSOT

Misericordia University

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