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High school students can explore career fields at Medical & Health Humanities Academic Day
Posted 11/26/2019 02:16PM

Amanda M. Caleb, Ph.D., program directorThe Misericordia University Medical and Health Humanities Program is holding a free Academic Day program for high school students interested in exploring a career in the humanities, health care and medicine on Wednesday, Dec. 4 beginning at 9:30 a.m. in Huntzinger and Alden Trust Rooms of Sandy and Marlene Insalaco Hall.

The Medical and Health Humanities Program applies critical assessment, reflective learning, collaborative problem solving, and effective communication to issues in health care and medicine, with an emphasis on cultural, familial, philosophical, spiritual and social factors.

“Graduates of the program examine health care holistically, considering not just the illness and symptoms, but the person who seeks treatment, the family and friends who support that person, and the social structures that influence the person’s care,’’ said Amanda M. Caleb, Ph.D., director of the program. “These specially trained professionals ask the difficult questions about health care – how is the disease constructed and how that impacts care – and work on solutions to ensure respect and dignity within all aspects of health care.’’ 

Misericordia University introduced the novel academic program in 2017, with eight academic departments collaborating on curricular development. The program offers an interdisciplinary approach for students who are interested in the humanities fields (English, history, philosophy, political science and more), as well as health care and medicine.

Students can choose from Bachelor of Arts degree-level tracks in Medical and Health Humanities, Pre-Law Medical and Health Humanities, and Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy Medical and Health Humanities, as well as a 15-credit minor that enhances students’ educational experiences – particularly those who are majoring in the humanities, and health and social sciences.

Overall, the Medical and Health Humanities Program provides students with strategic real-world experiences through fieldwork placements and observational rounds at nonprofit organizations and/or medical and health care facilities. During internships, students apply their academic knowledge to work experiences, while students in an observational rotation attend clinical meetings and participate in on-site observations.

Misericordia's undergraduate degree offers students the flexibility to pursue a number of career paths, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, medical anthropology, physical therapy, health care ethics, public health, public policy, health care administration, health education, patient care coordination, health care lobbying, pharmaceutical sales representative, medical history, and more.

Throughout Pennsylvania and across the country, demand for medical and health humanities graduates has increased by 50 percent since January 2014, according to the Education Advisory Board. Two-thirds of graduates from similar programs seek careers in allied health, while the balance pursue admission to clinical professional schools, such as Master of Public Health, and doctoral degrees in medicine, physical therapy and pharmacology, for example.

To register for the Medical and Health Humanities Academic Day, please log on to or call 1-888-262-6363.

For more information about the Medical and Health Humanities Program at Misericordia University, please call 570-674-8113 or visit

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