National Survey of Student Engagement

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At Misericordia University, our students discover more than just an outstanding education with truly personalized attention. They discover an opportunity to pursue success in life. They develop the skills to excel at their chosen career and a desire to be leaders and serve the community.

A leading national survey measures this best.

Seniors and freshman students at Misericordia University gave the institution of higher education significantly higher marks in several important categories than other colleges and universities in MU's peer group, according to the 2014 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

Students at Misericordia University overwhelmingly reported that the university provides a supportive campus environment and also supports active and collaborative learning. “Students perform better and are more satisfied at colleges that are committed to their success and cultivate positive working and social relations among different groups on campus,'' the NSSE report states about the importance of a supportive campus environment, and active and collaborative learning.

“Students learn more when they are intensely involved in their education and are asked to think about and apply what they are learning in different settings,'' the report adds. “Collaborating with others in solving problems or mastering difficult material prepares students to deal with the messy, unscripted problems they will encounter daily and during and after college.''

The students also rated their educational experience as positive, felt their institution's intellectual and creative work was academically challenging and felt they completed a significant amount of service to humankind in the greater community, according to the survey.

NSSE is designed to obtain information from colleges and universities nationwide about student participation in programs and activities. More than 355,000 randomly selected first- and fourth-year students from 622 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada participated in 2014. The results help institutions confirm “good practices" in undergraduate education and provide a benchmark by which schools can determine an accurate measure of quality education. Results include comparisons to similar colleges and all schools participating in the survey. This year's survey included 307 Misericordia students.

In the study, 82 percent of Misericordia University first-year students said the university provided the support they needed to succeed academically compared to 81 percent at all other schools surveyed. Freshman respondents also stated they forged quality relationships with other students (95 percent) and faculty members (96 percent).

Ninety-three percent of MU seniors rated their educational experience as good to excellent. 82 percent of seniors said they would choose Misericordia again if they could start their college career over again. Seventy-seven percent of MU seniors reported acquiring job or work-related knowledge and skills at Misericordia, compared to 71 percent of other private institutions.

The supportive environment at Misericordia University extends outside the classroom as well. The university was ranked 4 percentage points higher by freshman, and 9 points higher by seniors in the area of helping students cope with non-academic responsibilities, including family and work issues. As many as 95 percent of seniors gave the high ratings when asked about the quality of the relationships they have forged with other students, saying they are friendly, supportive and offer a sense of belonging. By the time they were seniors, 70 percent of Misericordia students participated in a community-based project as part of a regular service-learning course, compared to 67 percent nationally.

THE BOTTOM LINE Misericordia University students learn how to succeed. They acquire job related skills in a challenging academic environment where close friendships are common. It is a supportive campus environment that provides a first-class education and the tools needed to succeed in your career and in life.

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