Vice President of Academic Affairs

Vice President of Academic Affairs

David Rehm, Ph.D., Academic Affairs

David B. Rehm, Ph.D.,
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Phone: (570)674-6403

As important as it is to prepare yourself for a good job, there is so much more to life than that! Come to Misericordia University to be transformed as a person. You will be pushed academically to read, to write, and to think in substantive ways. You will have experiences, both on-campus and off, which challenge your assumptions about yourself and the world around you. And throughout your experience, you will be mentored by intelligent and caring faculty who are excellent in their fields and passionate about teaching. The end result will indeed be a fulfilling career, but so much more will have taken place! Plato said that education was about turning the soul: come experience that transformation at Misericordia University.

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Misericordia University hosted an interactive virtual faculty panel on Thursday April 30 to discuss COVID-19 and the wide-ranging impact this virus is having on our society.
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