Information Technology

Mission Statement

The Information Technology department strives to provide an excellent level of operational and development services to our customers (students, faculty and staff) through the effective utilization of people, equipment, software, procedures and new technology.

The web page was developed to allow our user base to find the information they are in search of in an easy manner. If you have any general comments or questions on the information technology web site forward your e-mail to

General Services
Below is a brief summary of the general services provided by the Information Technology Group.

The PC Support Group is responsible for all areas of academic and administrative computing, which include public computer labs, multimedia presentation systems, video conferences and distance learning, television and video equipment, web page development and maintenance, and the University help desk system. We take pride in timely and accurate customer service.

The IT Networking Group provides the expertise needed to connect the University population to each other and the outside world. This department is responsible for installing and maintaining the University's network , telecommunications, and cable television infrastructure and services. This department is also responsible for the back-end systems that provide students, faculty, and staff with such services as email and wireless connectivity. Student information technology support is offered, including the physical student help desk (RESTECH), through this department. The Student IT Help Desk act as the first line of support for all student, staff and faculty with myMU and Blackboard issues. The networking department is responsible for all cyber security on campus and the university's one card (ID card).

The Information/Data Services Group is responsible for the hardware and software necessary to perform the Administrative computer functions at the University. It provides technical, programming, maintenance and liaison support services related to information flow as it affects the general business functions of the University as well as providing for the integration and processing of faculty, staff and student data.

myMU Administration manages and supports myMU, the university portal. They provide support to faculty, staff and students regarding online interfaces and other online applications involving integration with myMU, such as document management.

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