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Service-learning partnerships offer a unique opportunity for local community organizations to tap into the knowledge, skills, and manpower of the Misericordia student community. Community partners work together with faculty to design a service project that meets a real need for the organization, while allowing students the opportunity to apply academic course content in a real-life setting.

Projects can be targeted at areas of need within your current services, an area of unmet need that a student project could address, or a strategic need to build the capacity of the organization.

Benefits of service-learning for your organization

Benefits of service-learning partnerships for local community organizations

  • Build capacity of current services or develop new ones
  • Increase the number of clients served
  • Utilize specialist academic knowledge and skills at no cost
  • Establish new connections and networks
  • Inject new energy, enthusiasm and perspectives into the organization
  • Identify potential volunteers and future employees
  • Create greater awareness of your services among the University community


Community partner feedback

Community partner feedback

We truly benefit from the students and their interaction with the students. The youthfulness of the students brings an energy into all of our classrooms.”


“We are planning a board retreat/follow up session to discuss and prioritize recommendations both from the students' work and previous brainstorming sessions with our leadership. With sustainability as a pressing issue for our all-volunteer organization, MU's report helps direct us in the decisions we make short and long term. The outside view looking in is greatly appreciated.”


“I have actually employed several students that I have met through this program.”


“Our members of the Active Adult Center love to have students visit the center. They are eager to speak to the students, share experiences, struggles, etc. They also are very receptive to the students doing screenings and presentations that directly affect them at this stage of their lives.”

The Community Partner Database

Community Partner Database


Developed by the Office of Service-Learning, the Community Partner Database brings together faculty engaged in service-learning with the needs of local community partners. The database began as a central resource for faculty and staff to access information on potential local partners, to share best practices, and to upload and track their service-learning course information.

Nonprofits, schools, and community organizations interested in partnering with a service-learning class are invited to create an organization profile. Your profile highlights your organization’s mission, services offered, volunteer opportunities, and possible service project ideas. This information will assist faculty in searching for potential community partners and project opportunities that are a good match for the academic content and learning objectives of their service-learning course.

You can also add information on other community-engaged learning opportunities at your organization, such as internships, work study, field work, clinical/practicums, research, or general volunteering opportunities.

Your profile gives you the ability to make us aware of the current and future needs of your individual organization, reach a significant number of faculty and staff directly, and increase university and student engagement with your organization.

To get started with your organizational profile, register as a user here.

For assistance with the Community Partner Database, please contact Louise Keller, Service-Learning Specialist at (570) 674 6203 or


Community Partner Service-Learning Guide

Community Partner Service-Learning Guide

The purpose of the community partner service-learning guide is to assist you in planning and executing a successful service-learning project in partnership with Misericordia University that provides real value to your organization, while simultaneously providing a vehicle for our students to develop their academic knowledge, 21st century skills, and a broader sense of social responsibility and community awareness.

Download the Community Partner Service-Learning Guide



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