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Service-learning courses use service projects for local community organizations as a primary teaching method. Service-learning courses are specifically designed to integrate the academic course content into real, impactful projects that not only meet the learning objectives of the course, but will provide genuine value to the community as well.

As a service-learning student you will work with a community partner organization to develop a project or provide a service that meets a need within the community, and then reflect back on the experience and its impact on you and the community you have helped serve.

Benefits of service-learning for students

Benefits of participation for students

  • Enriched learning experience
  • Opportunity to apply academic knowledge to a real-life setting
  • Develop a greater awareness of issues facing the local community
  • Develop social responsibility and concern for the community
  • Enhance leadership ability
  • Develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills
  • Explore possible career interests and develop professional networks

Student responsibilities

Student responsibilities

  • To actively engage with service-learning and complete all scheduled activities/visits
  • To obtain any necessary clearances
  • To inform the community partner if you are going to be late or miss an arranged session
  • To abide by community partner protocols and procedures
  • To dress appropriately and adhere to dress code
  • To behave in a respectful and professional manner at all times
  • To ensure you are fully informed of any safety procedures
  • To ask questions and maximize your learning experience

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check

You can obtain a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check online. There is no cost for the application for volunteers. The majority of clean record checks will be displayed immediately. If your record is sent for review or is returned with entries, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your record to be made available to you.

  • Click here to obtain a PA State Police Criminal Record Check.
  • Click New Record Check (Volunteers Only)
  • Read the Terms and Conditions, scroll down and click Accept
  • Fill out all of the boxes. Click Continue when finished
  • Review and click proceed
  • Enter the necessary information in the boxes under ‘Record Check Request Form’
  • Click the Next button when finished
  • The page will reload and look like you didn’t enter anything
  • Scroll down and click Finished
  • Review your submission on this ‘Record Check Request Review’ page and click Submit
  • This next page is the most important. Please read the red text before hitting the Submit button
  • When you are ready, click Submit
  • The next screen will display your record check status. It is the responsibility of users to obtain the assigned control number at the time requests are submitted. Immediately after submission of the requests one of the following status will be assigned to the request:
  1. No Record: If this status is assigned to the request it is the user's responsibility to double click on the control number. This will take the user to the details screen where the user will double click on the blue hyper link, "Certification Form", near the center of the page. By clicking on "Certification Form", a certified no record form will be displayed in PDF format.
  2. Request Under Review: If this status is assigned to the request, the user must periodically check the PATCH web site to determine the final status of the request. A status of "Request Under Review", will result in one of the following final status:
    • No Record: Follow the instructions above for a no record response.
    • Record: Indicates the person has a record and a record response has been mailed to the address provided.
    • Pending: This status is occasionally assigned when traffic is extremely heavy and requires the user to check back at a later time. A request should not remain in pending status for more than 24 hours. If a request remains in pending status for more than 24 hours call the PATCH Help Line toll-free at 1-888-QUERY-PA (1-888-783-7972).
  • To print your No Record certification form click on the control number to the left of your name
  • Click on Certification Form
  • You should print at least one copy of your certificate. We recommend printing several so that you have them.
  • Save a copy of your pdf form for future reference.

Checking your record status

You can check you record status at any time, provided you have the following EXACT information from your original application

  • Control number
  • First, middle, and last names as entered in your original application
  • Original date request was submitted

To check your record status and print additional copies of your clearance, visit this page and click Check the status of a Record Check.

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Check

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Check

You can obtain a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Check online. The cost of the application is $8, which can be paid by credit/debit card. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for your child abuse history check to be made available to you.

  • Click here to obtain a PA Child Abuse History Check.
  • Click on Create Individual Account, then click Next on the next screen.
  • Fill out your profile/login information and click Finish
  • You should receive an email with your Keystone ID and another email containing a temporary password
  • Go back to the homepage and login
  • Click Access My Clearances, then click Continue on the next screen
  • Enter your username and temporary password and click Login
  • Click Create Clearance Application
  • Gather the required information you will need to complete the application, then click Begin
  • Under ‘Application Purpose’ select Employment and click Next
  • Fill out all the appropriate information under Applicant Information, Current Address, Previous Addresses, and Household Members
  • Review the ‘Application Summary’ and click Next
  • Check the box under ‘eSignature’ to certify that you have completed the application
  • Type your first and last name in the box below where it says Signature as it appears on this application and click Next
  • Check ‘No’ for payment code
  • Click Make A Payment
  • Fill out your payment information and click Pay Now when finished
  • You may choose to print or save the screen that says ‘Your Card Has Been Charged’
  • When you are ready, click Finalize and Submit Application
  • You will receive a confirmation email, followed by a notification email once your application has been reviewed. This process can take up to 4-6 weeks. Once you receive notification your certificate is available, log back in to print and save your certificate.

FBI fingerprinting

FBI fingerprinting

These instructions are for service-learning clearances only. If you require FBI fingerprint clearances for other purposes, please check with your department.

Some agencies require student volunteers to get an FBI fingerprint check, particularly if you reside out of state. The cost of the fingerprinting is $25.75 through the Department of Human Services. You will need to make your fingerprinting appointment and payment online, then take your receipt and ID along to a fingerprinting location to be fingerprinted. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your results to be mailed to you.

Registering online
    • Click here to register online for fingerprinting.
    • Enter the service code 1KG6ZJ. This is the service code for 'Pennsylvania - DHS Volunteer'.
    • Click Schedule or manage appointment.
    • Complete the registration and payment online, and schedule your fingerprint appointment at your nearest Identogo location. The nearest location to Misericordia University is the Kingston location.
    • Print a copy of your receipt – you will need to take this with you to the fingerprinting location.

    Fingerprinting locations

    You will need to take your receipt and your Driver’s License or State ID with you to your chosen fingerprinting location. Our nearest location is listed below. Your results will be mailed to you in 2-3 weeks.

    Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18
    368 Tioga Ave.
    Kingston, PA 18704

    Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00AM - 4:00PM

    Appointments only

    From Interstate 81 South or North
    Use the Wilkes-Barre exit to Route 309 North. Take 309 North to exit 3 (Plains exit). At the bottom of the exit ramp turn left onto River Street. Travel 2 miles toward the City of Wilkes-Barre. Turn right onto Pierce Street and travel 1.5 miles to Tioga Avenue. Turn left on Tioga Avenue and the Luzerne Intermediate Unit is on the right side.

    From Route 118/415
    Use Route 309 South towards Wilkes-Barre. Take exit 3 (Plains exit). Turn Right onto River Street. Travel 2 miles toward the City of Wilkes-Barre. Turn right onto Pierce Street and travel 1.5 miles to Tioga Avenue. Turn left on Tioga Avenue and the Luzerne Intermediate Unit is on the right side.

    Health assessments and TB testing

    Health Assessments

    If your service-learning site requires immunization documentation or TB verification, most community partners will accept the health assessment that is completed when enrolling at Misericordia.

    If you didn’t keep a copy of your health assessment before submitting it to the Health Center, please contact the Health Center who will be able to provide you with a copy.

    Please note: TB verification must be within one year of your volunteer service start date.

    TB testing

    The Health and Wellness Center offers both single step and two step PPD/TB testing during the academic calendar. Please contact the Health and Wellness Center for more information.

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