SLT Development

How do I create my SLT?

  1. Enter and update activities regularly. It is important to review your SLT and record new experiences as they occur so that you don't forget them. Do not undervalue an activity or accomplishment. We learn and grow from the experiences and knowledge that we acquire and give meaning to them over time.
  2. You may begin with any section of your SLT you feel ready to write about. Remember, your SLT is a tool to help you record all the experiences, activities, and accomplishments you achieve in college. You may include what was great about an experience, what was disappointing, what you learned for the activity, and what direction you want to take next in a particular area. The most important concept to remember is to record/update your extra-curricular activities in the SLT after you participate. For the majority of your college experience, the SLT will simply record and document your activities.
  3. When you are starting to think about "life after college", you will begin to develop your "official SLT". This process will take place with the guidance of a Student Services Professional. They will assist you in looking for connections between SLT components. As you begin to write about your campus experiences, for example, think about what professional skills you are beginning to develop. This will allow you to begin filling in the Reflective Commentary section of your SLT.
  4. Be careful to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Always remember to craft your SLT with careful attention to these details so that both what you say and how you say it are equally positive reflections of your capabilities
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