"What Goes Where?"

If you are stumped about what to put in the specific sections of your SLT or you aren’t quite sure what a category heading means, take a look at the detailed explanations below or refer to the Quick Reference Guide at the end of this section.

Leadership Development:

  • Seminars, Lectures and Workshops—What activities have you participated in and how have they impacted your leadership abilities.
  • Campus Activities—What activities do you participate in on campus or may want to consider getting involved in? These activities may be academic, social, or service nature, and can include attendance at department sponsored educational programs, cultural events such as art exhibits, international movies, folk music festivals, or residence hall events.
  • Student Organization Memberships—Do you know Misericordia University has over 250 student organizations? Do you belong to a club related to your major? Do you not only go to campus movies, but also help organize campus film club activities. Are you involved in campus politics? Describe your involvement here, including dates.
  • Misericordia University Community Activities—Mention activities that you enjoy and devote time to an on and off-campus organizations to which you belong. Describe your activities, how they have meaning for you, and remember to include dates of participation.
  • Misericordia University Volunteer/Community Service Activities—This category can include involvement in activities such as Big Brother or Sister, volunteering for the Animal Protective League, or picking up litter in the park. Include a reflection on the experience. Remember to include dates!

Preprofessional Work Experience

  • This category may include areas such as job shadowing experiences, informational interviewing, volunteering at a specific professional organization/agency, internships, work study positions, and other related campus employment experiences.

Honors, Awards, and Recognition

  • Includes any student recognition for outstanding achievement, contribution, or participation within academics and/or campus activity. Examples may include academic honor societies, specific financial aid awards, community service activities, dean’s list, etc.

Professional and Educational Development

  • Public speaking skills
    • Leading or facilitating meetings
    • Participating on a debate team or theater production
    • Communicating with the public in a work or service role
    • Significant class presentations
    • Successful public speaking strategies
    • Experiences that required interpersonal skills
  • Writing skills
    • Descriptions of school newspaper or club newsletter articles
    • Descriptions of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry writing samples
    • Descriptions of writing you’ve done for your job or internship
    • Link to writing examples on your personal web page
    • Description of significant class projects
  • Creative and design skills
    • Art projects, including paintings, drawings, and crafts
    • Dance choreography and performance
    • Fashion design
    • Graphic design
    • Bulletin boards
    • Newspaper ads
  • Organization and planning skills
    • Social, service, or academic events you have organized
    • Group products which required collaboration and cooperation
    • Academic support activities
  • Problem solving/Decision making skills
    • How you decided on your major
    • Example of a time you had to "think on your feet"
    • How you offered a solution to a problem at work
    • A decision that involved some calculated risk that paid off
  • Marketing/Public Relations skills
    • Products, services and ideas you have sold to the public
    • Work on a political campaign
    • Customer service work experience
    • Design of brochures and signs
    • Strategies you have used to market or sell an idea or service
  • Research skills
    • Projects that you have completed that required research
    • Projects in which you used unusual or unique ways of researching information



Quick Reference Guide

  Leadership Development Pre- Professional Honors/Awards Professional Skills Student Organizations
Academic Club X       X
Academic Honor Society     X    
All-American Scholar     X    
Big Brother/Sister X       X
Camp Counselor          
Class Officer X X   X X
Clinical Affiliation   X      
Dallas Schools Project X       X
Dean's List     X    
Faculty Favorite Films X        
Field Experience   X      
Internship   X      
Intramural Sports X     X X
Job Shadowing Experience   X      
Magna Cum Laude     X    
Memorial Scholarship     X    
Newspaper Writer X     X X
Peer Advocates X       X
Peer Tutoring X X   X X
Research       X  
Residence Hall Olympics X        
Resident Assistant X X     X
SGA X       X
Soup Kitchen X     X  
Special Olympics Volunteer X     X X
Student Teaching   X      
Teacher's Assistant X X   X  
Theater Production X     X X
Varsity Sports X     X X
Work Study   X      

*Please Note: This list provides only a few suggestions to help guide you in the development of your SLT, it is not a complete list.

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