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Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Sue Barker

Misericordia University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree program provides an education that produces physical therapy practitioners who are critical thinkers, educated consumers of research, and advocates for life long learning.

As an entry level professional post-baccalaureate program, the physical therapy curriculum reflects a commitment to the complementary relationship between liberal arts and professional studies that enables graduates to adapt and deal with constantly evolving societal and professional needs.


Ultimate Licensure Pass Rate (2021 & 2022)


First-Time Licensure Pass Rate (2021 & 2022)


2021 & 2022 grads employed within 1 year of graduation


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Overview and Highlights

  • 6-½ year professional program resulting in a bachelor’s degree and a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) degree
  • Students can choose from a variety of disciplines for undergraduate study (pre-DPT)
  • Students accepted into the pre-DPT program as freshmen are guaranteed progression into the DPT program as long as academic criteria are met; there is no need to re-apply to the graduate phase of the program.

Variety of Disciplines for Undergraduate study 

Check out this fun video and hear from PT students as to why they chose Misericordia's Physical Therapy program


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Community Realized

Megan Gibbons

Megan Gibbons

I loved the supporting and caring community surrounding every aspect of the MU DPT program.  Each faculty member brought something unique to our education.

Heather Fritz, PT, DPT - Assistant Professor

Heather Fritz, PT, DPT
Assistant Director of Clinical Education
Assistant Professor

Compassion and caring sets our students apart.  This is demonstrated through work in the clinic and through service in the community and internationally.

Trever Reed '18

Trever Reed '18

The physical therapy program at Misericordia was awesome and provided me with the tools that I needed to be successful as a student while on clinical rotations and now as a new-grad out in the field.

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Meet our Students

Andrea Molitoris
Andrea Molitoris

The DPT program at Misericordia is an academically challenging and intense program that provided me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The faculty and staff are dedicated and go above and beyond the call of duty to assist and mentor myself and fellow students to becoming successful in achieving our goals.

The intimate class-sizes encouraged hands-on learning and supplied me with the tools to be a safe and successful clinician both in and outside the classroom. Thanks to MU PT, I am more empathetic, compassionate, and dedicated to serving others through physical rehabilitation and I am excited to be able to positively influence other’s lives for the rest of my life.

Gregory Massie
Gregory Massie '13

The physical therapy department at Misericordia played a key role in providing me with the necessary tools to establish myself as a clinician after graduation .  Faculty members create an environment built on professionalism and strive to help students overcome obstacles to achieve success.  For anyone looking to attend a university that has the best interests of a student at heart, Misericordia is the place for you.

Annie Stewart
Annie Stewart '18

Misericordia truly became a second home for me during my 6.5 years there. Specifically during the physical therapy program, the professors were (and still are) always there to provide encouragement, a shoulder to cry on during hard times, and extra insight above and beyond their required duties. My professors also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and apply for a competitive and intense clinical setting which enhanced my experience in the area of pediatrics drastically, allowing me to acquire a job in outpatient pediatrics as my first job out of school. I feel that the education provided and the focus on values throughout the program has served me well as a new graduate and I am excited to continue my journey as a physical therapist.

John Bankus
John Bankus '19

My three years in the Misericordia University Physical Therapy Program were both challenging and very rewarding.  The physical therapy faculty members were helpful, supportive, and always willing to provide guidance to ensure my success.  The stimulating curriculum and my clinical experiences in the acute care, outpatient orthopedic, and skilled nursing facility settings have prepared me well for my physical therapy career.

Lauren Paulshock
Lauren Paulshock '15

The Misericordia Physical Therapy program was the perfect combination of academically challenging while being socially enriching. Through the work in the classroom and the opportunities off campus, students are able to develop interpersonal skills and the hands-on experience needed when entering the work force. Staff is supportive and always there to lend a listening ear. Even to this day, I have an open line of communication with my professors to support ongoing career endeavors and networking.  Their example inspired me to become a clinical instructor to many dedicated students and the site coordinator for a large health network within my first five years of practice. Falling in line with the values of Misericordia, the Physical Therapy Program and staff helped me to define what type of clinician I aspire to be: compassionate, accepting, selfless and respectful.

Pro Bono PT Clinic

See how the Pro Bono PT Clinic at Misericordia not only supports the community, but also gives our students practical experience with real clients.
Also, hear from a current student why she chose PT at Misericordia University.


If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please contact Stephanie Winsock at: 

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