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Pre-Law Specialization Program

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From government, to business, to health care, to law enforcement—there’s hardly an aspect of modern life that doesn’t require the work of a lawyer.

Because we need lawyers who can apply their skills to many different purposes, there is no single field of study that’s required for admission to law school. Successful law students come from many different undergraduate majors. Law schools seek students who can combine the study of law with diverse academic backgrounds, becoming lawyers who apply their legal knowledge to a broad spectrum of modern circumstances. The best undergraduate preparation for law school is a rigorous course of study in any discipline that combines critical thinking skills with attention to written communication.

Pre-Law Preparation At Misericordia

Our pre-law advisors work with students from all majors who are thinking about a career in law.  They assist students in identifying the courses that will prepare them to compete for admission to law school, and to succeed once they get there.  Furthermore, since attending law school is a big decision, Misericordia University offers courses that introduce students to the intellectual work of law, and its practice, are a useful addition to a would-be lawyer’s course of study. These courses are: 

American Constitutional Law

Intro to the American Legal System

The U.S. Homeland Security System

Constitutional Encounters

Business Law

Introduction to Public Policy

Law, Justice, and Society

Healthcare Law

U.S. Health Care Policy

Sport Law

The Trial in American Life

Public Management and Leadership American National Government
Literature class


For students majoring in History, English, Philosophy, or Medical Health Humanities (MHH) there is also a Pre-Law Specialization that adds an additional career-oriented dimension to their academic work—whether the student aims to attend law school or pursue a different law-related career.  The Pre-Law Specialization combines coursework in any of these four majors with classes that cover a variety of legal topics, from constitutional law to courtroom drama. Classes and internship opportunities give students insights into the legal profession and prepare them for success in law school and other law-related careers.  And when it comes time to prepare for the important Law School Admission Test (LSAT), our Insalaco Center for Career Development can provide the tools you need to sharpen your test-taking skills and maximize your LSAT score.

History students

Internship Opportunities

In addition, students can explore a variety of law-related internship options.  And when it comes time to prepare for the important Law School Admission Test (LSAT), our Insalaco Center for Career Development can provide the tools you need to sharpen your test-taking skills and maximize your LSAT score.






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