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The mission of Professional Studies is to provide an arena for students to complete a Bachelor's Degree utilizing liberal arts based and advanced upper level courses in a professional area of study.


The Professional Studies purpose reflects the Misericordia University Mission in upholding the integrity of higher education formulating a Bachelor's Degree completion program based on a profession and other upper level course in an integrated manner. This degree completion empowers students who are making academic and career direction changes the opportunity to earn a liberal-arts based Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree to meet their academic and professional life needs. In doing so, the Professional Studies Major allows students to utilize previous academic work by accepting those courses that have been completed successfully either at Misericordia University or at another accredited college or university and combining them with courses that enhance their exposure to the liberal arts and to areas of professional and /or personal interest.

In the Professional Studies Major students are encouraged to use critical thinking in redirecting their efforts toward achieving realistic educational and professional goals, which may include the addition of career development counseling, job-seeking skills, graduate school advisement, and cooperative educational experiences. In addition, students will be required to demonstrate an ability to apply the core values expressed in the University Mission and Liberal Arts Core Goals.

If possible, students are encouraged to develop a “concentration," and in some instances a minor, in academic areas which may help employment and / or graduate school admission. The Degree is designed to be flexible enough to permit students who have needed to make a change in their educational and / or career goals to do so and 'learn to succeed'.

ARCH Accelerated Degree Program

ARCH Accelerated Degree Program

You can earn your Bachelor of Science in as little as 2 1/2 years by attending classes part-time. The convenient and predictable schedule allows you take classes either once a week or online up to 12 credits per semester. Courses are offered face-to-face in 5-week sessions at Luzerne County Community College on the Nanticoke Campus, or online in 7 1/2 week sessions.

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