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Psychology Research class

Learning about how drugs affect the brain, and how best to treat depression. Designing a research study to determine how people with tattoos are perceived, or how people are affected by social rejection. Helping victims of domestic violence, homeless women, or children with autism. Studying sports psychology in London or environmental psychology in Australia. Spending the summer working with a faculty member as part of the Summer Research Fellowship Program. These are just some of the many experiences you can have as a Psychology major at Misericordia University.

The Psychology Department offers both a major and minor in psychology. Students who complete all major requirements receive a Bachelor's of Science (BS) in Psychology. Since our department and class sizes are small, faculty will get to know you and provide you with individualized attention and mentoring.

The psychology department also offers a mental health interventions specialization (21 credits) for students interested in pursuing mental health careers. Students can choose either a child or adult track, depending on the population with which they are interested in working. 

Prior Events

Principles of Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology

Principles of Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology

Dr. Nordstrom was part of a publication from the American Psychological Association discussing Principles of Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology. She will be presenting on this at the National Institute for the Teaching of Psychology Conference in Florida in January.

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Hispanic Student Psychology Scholars Program

In this new Psychology Hispanic Student Scholars Program, we are looking for motivated and passionate Hispanic high school students who are dedicated to making a difference in society.


  • A guaranteed $3,000 annual scholarship across all four undergraduate years as a Misericordia University student ($12,000 total) that can be combined with other sources of financial aid
  • An invitation to a bilingual Open House with transportation provided for students and their families to learn about the college application and financial aid process as well as our Psychology major, students and campus
  • The opportunity to live together in a Living Learning Community residence hall with special programs throughout the year if enrolled at Misericordia
  • Peer mentors from the Latino/a American Students Association and the Psychology Student Leadership Council

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Overview and Highlights

  • Our Curriculum, based on *American Psychological Association guidelines, provides a basic foundation in the content and methods of psychology while allowing the flexibility to pursue your unique interest, including minors, specializations, and study abroad.
  • Career preparation courses help you identify career goals and plan for graduate study or diverse employment opportunities.
  • "Real word" experience is required - you will complete a practicum (internship) as part of your major.
  • Research opportunities are available- you can participate in a group, independent, and/or faculty-led project.
  • Mental Health Interventions Specialization (Child or Adult focus) provides integrated coursework that prepares you or human services positions or clinically-focused graduate programs.
  • Experienced faculty are experts in their field of study.
  • Small interactive classes focus not only on content but on writing skills, speaking skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, research skills, and cultural competency.

*The American Psychological Association (APA) is the world's largest association of psychologists, with more than 117,500 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students as its members.

Research Opportunities

"Real World" Experience

Flexible Curriculum

Student Testimonials

Community Realized

Emily Connell

Emily Connell

I am confident that I made the right decision to be a psychology major at Misericordia. I always felt supported by my professors and know that they were truly invested in helping me to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Gabrielle Belles '18

Gabrielle Belles '18

The psychology program at Misericordia  provides each student with endless opportunities. The professors want you to succeed in every aspect of life and will help guide you towards the right decisions.

Zachary Davis

Zachary Davis

The Psychology department at Misericordia University has helped me realize a deeper potential. The one-on-one experience I had with my psychology professors has helped me feel more welcomed and comfortable, and is an experience that I feel cannot be matched.

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Meet our Students

Ilise Wanamaker
Ilise Wanamaker

As a first-generation college student, I was lost when I first came to Misericordia. However, with the help of my Psychology professors I was able to navigate through my college experience. I would not have guessed that I could call the Arch my second home! Now, am a Senior Psychology Major graduating a semester early, with honors, and have started to apply to graduate school.

Without the close relationships I was able to form with the Psychology staff, I would not have gotten to where I am now!

Amanda Nitowski
Amanda Nitowski

Being a student in the Psychology program was one of the best decisions I ever made. The program is designed to provide rigorous coursework and develop critical thinking skills to prepare students for a job in the field or going on to graduate school. There are classes built in to explore careers in Psychology so that students know their options, as well as exactly what to do to pursue those careers. The faculty in the program are highly knowledgeable about the field and are more than willing to assist students in any way they can. 

Whether you plan to go directly into the field after graduation or go on to graduate school the Psychology program at Misericordia will get you there. The best part of the program for me was making connections with the faculty that have continued to this day.

Karlee Naylon
Karlee Naylon '18

The Psychology degree at Misericordia is so flexible that I knew I would be able to frame my education to be worthwhile and position myself to do meaningful things. There are enough elective credits to obtain a minor or specialization in another field; I have a minor in Statistics and a specialization in Mental Health Interventions (adult focus).

In the fall I'll be starting my graduate education at American University in Washington, D.C. studying Public Policy. Being a student at Misericordia exposed me to the needs of others. Service and justice are at the forefront of the university's mission, and there is a commitment to develop thoughtful, socially responsible young adults. 

Because I attended Misericordia, I am entering the next phase of my education with a deeper understanding of people, ethics, and service than I feel I could have developed anywhere else.

Kelly Rogan
Kelly Rogan '13

My time at Misericordia was fostered by the faculty of the psychology department. The small class sizes allowed me to connect with my professors for course related needs as well as mentorship. While at Misericordia, I was involved in the psychology club as well as Psi Chi international honors society and loved the leadership and networking opportunities that these groups offered. My experiences at Misericordia helped me develop the skills needed to be successful both in the field and in graduate school. Since graduating in 2013, I have also earned my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and am currently working to complete the last few requirements to sit for licensure as a professional counselor.

I am currently employed by Towson University in Baltimore Maryland as a Learning Disability Specialist and am responsible for working with students who have disabilities. 

I remain connected to the professors at Misericordia that so brilliantly changed my life and cannot imagine being where I am today without them.

Career Preparation

Career Courses

In their first year, students take a required 1-credit course introducing them to the discipline of psychology and career options within psychology. During their sophomore year, students take a required 2-credit course which focuses more explicitly on individual career selection, culminating in a written academic plan that addresses career goals.

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Graduate School Prep Courses

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Students planning to pursue graduate study can take a 2-course sequence of graduate school preparation courses during their junior and senior years (1 credit). These courses assist students in: choosing appropriate graduate programs to which to apply; preparing for GRE examinations and admissions interviews; and developing a portfolio of graduate admissions materials, including personal statements, curriculum vitae, and requests for recommendations.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is another critical part of career planning and preparation. Students meet with their advisors at least once per semester to discuss academic and career planning. Close relationships are built between students and advisors, and students are encouraged to meet with their advisors whenever they need assistance or advice.

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Student Opportunities

Psychology Poster Presentations 2024

Psychology Poster Presentation 2024
Psychology Poster Presentation 2024
Psychology Poster Presentation 2024
Psychology Poster Presentation 2024
Psychology Poster Presentation 2024
Psychology Poster Presentation 2024
Psychology Poster Presentation 2024
Psychology Poster Presentation 2024
Alicia Nordstrom


For more information about the Psychology program, please contact Dr. Alicia Nordstrom, Psychology Department Chair, at or (570) 674-8008.



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