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Alexandra Irr
Alexandra Irr '18

“My experience at Misericordia University, and in particular as a Speech Language Pathology major, has been invaluable. Each professor I have had at Misericordia has gone above and beyond to be invested in the success of their students. I was so thankful to be included on numerous research projects that were presented at state and national conferences in amazing cities across the country. I know I will leave Misericordia University to work in the field of pediatric speech language pathology as the best clinician and person that I can be.”

Kyle Pelkey
Kyle Pelkey '18

“As an undergraduate transfer to the program, Dr. Glen Tellis and the Speech-Language Pathology faculty at Misericordia believed in my ability to not only to achieve success within the classroom, but to also present research at local, state, and national conferences. Our SLP program challenges students at both the undergraduate and graduate level to engage in unprecedented research projects using novel techniques to closely examine a wide variety of disorders. I am forever grateful to call myself an alumnus of the SLP program at Misericordia.”

Samantha Buldo
Samantha Buldo '18

“Being a student in Misericordia’s Speech-Language Pathology program has made me more than a clinician, helping me grow into a well-rounded individual. I have been immersed in research projects, ultimately presenting seminars and posters at state and national conferences, and have been a part of many volunteer opportunities. Misericordia University and the SLP department have molded me into a confident, intelligent, and service-oriented individual. I know I have been fully prepared to begin my professional career. Following graduation, I am hoping to pursue a job in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility to work with individuals with strokes, traumatic brain injury, dementia, and neurological disorders.”

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