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Post Bac Online SLP Non-Degree Prerequisites

We offer several undergraduate prerequisite online courses for students with a bachelor’s degree. Students may use these courses as prerequisites when applying to any master’s speech-language pathology program. Our online courses are primarily synchronous; however, if students are unable to attend a class or classes, they may access the recordings by requesting a link from the faculty member.

SLP Online

Our unique, state-of-the art hands-free technology allows for a more personalized classroom experience because we use automated switching technology with voice activated facial recognition cameras to provide studio quality high-level instruction. If professors walk around the classroom while lecturing, the online students can see professors because cameras in the classroom follow the professors. If students who are physically in the classroom ask questions, cameras zoom into the students who ask questions. Online students can also participate and they are projected on the classroom screens for the entire class to see and actively engage in conversation. The multi-camera and intelligent switching system follows the conversation with clean, broadcast-style cuts allowing for an unparalleled learning experience.


Students seeking to enroll in these prerequisite courses must provide documentation of a bachelor’s degree in any field with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0.

Students must apply using this link: (application link) and selecting:  Non-Degree/Certificate/Certification/Professional Development/Endorsement in the drop down menu, and then selecting Non-Degree followed by Speech Pathology Prerequisites.

Tuition for this coursework if offered at the affordable adult accelerated Expressway rate of $440/per credit (plus course fees). Expressway

We offer the following online prerequisite courses:

SLP 210 - Introduction to Communication Disorders

SLP 215 - Development Across the Lifespan

SLP 220 - Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing

SLP 230 - Phonetics

SLP 250 - Speech and Hearing Science

SLP 330 - Introduction to Audiology

For course descriptions, please refer to the university catalog using this link:

Course Descriptions - Misericordia University - Acalog ACMS™

After applying, students interested in registering for Speech Pathology Prerequisites should contact Maureen Sheridan, Assistant Director of Admissions, at