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The Sport Management major at Misericordia University allows students to combine their love of sport with the skills necessary to become professionals in the field.
A business-oriented curriculum has been devised to produce graduates who will be successful in today's sports management environment as well as prepared for its future. The major allows students to fashion their studies to meet their professional and personal needs. Our curriculum prepares students for careers in this fast growing multi-billion dollar industry.

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Student Opportunities

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Learning Experiences

  • Guest Lectures by Industry Sport Managers
  • Involvement in the Business/Sport Management Club
  • A yearly Sport Management Roundtable panel that brings together our areas best known Sport Managers
  • Opportunities to volunteer in events such as Celebrity Golf Tournaments
  • Involvement in national and international Sport Management organizations/conferences
  • Trips to Sport Facilities/Events 




Employment Opportunities

  • Professional Sport Managers
  • Intercollegiate Sport Managers
  • Sport Marketers
  • Sport Arena Managers
  • Commercial Recreational Facility Directors
  • Graduate Studies

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Community Realized

Danielle Clifford

Danielle Clifford

I love being a sport management major at Misericordia. From the hands-on, discussion-based classes, to the outstanding support from faculty, Misericordia's Sport Management program has given me the education and experience I need to combine my passion for sport with a career.

Donald Conway

Donald Conway

Being a sport management major, I have had the opportunity to work behind the scenes in multiple different sporting events on campus and even had the opportunity to go on incredible, once in a lifetime experiences.

Dr. David Gargone, Program Director

David Gargone, Ed.D.

The Sport Management major at Misericordia University allows students to combine their love of sport with the skills necessary to become professionals in the field. We believe in the power of networking and hands-on experience, combined with a comprehensive business-oriented curriculum.

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MBA 5th Year Program

MBA 5th Year Program

Why wait to begin the MBA program when you can get started as an undergraduate student?

Find out more by emailing Karen Cefalo at 

The MBA 5th-Year program is for eligible rising Misericordia University seniors who wish to begin their graduate business studies as an undergraduate student. Accepted students will take up to 12 MBA credits within their current program. An applicant may be required to complete leveling courses in business functional areas through Peregrine. The graduate admissions committee will determine if the leveling courses will be taken concurrently with MBA courses or completed prior to starting the MBA program.

Student Testimonial

Antonio Whyte

The 4+1 program is a great opportunity to challenge yourself during the end of your undergraduate journey and get a third of your MBA completed at rates that save you money. 


David Gargone

For questions regarding the Sport Management major, contact Dr. David Gargone, Sport Management Program Director, at or 570-674-6337.

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