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Student Learning Outcomes

The following are program goals for the Statistics major, in which students will:

  1. Think critically, reason analytically and solve problems creatively.
  2. Succeed in their careers in business, industry or government, as well as in graduate school.
  3. Effectively communicate statistical ideas and arguments.
  4. Use SPSS or similar statistical computer packages to perform data analysis.
  5. Use statistical methods in their future endeavors not only within the discipline, but in other disciplines as well.


The Statistics major program goals are realized in the following student learning outcomes:

  1. Solve applied problems in differential and integral calculus, and probability theory.
  2. Use a variety of statistical software packages to enter and manage data, and to calculate and combine descriptive statistical parameters.
  3. Differentiate between various sampling techniques.        
  4. Utilize inferential statistics.
  5. Calculate test statistics.
  6. Use various test statistics to assess the significance of a model.
  7. Utilize regression analysis to construct a predictive model.
  8. Design and analyze experiments using a variety of techniques.
  9. Gain entrance into careers as well as in graduate or professional school.